Attack on Titan: 5 Most Gut-Wrenching Scenes From the Series, Ranked

Attack on Titan is full of gruesome scenes and here is the 5 most spine-chilling moments!

5 Most Gut-Wrenching Scenes From the Series, Ranked


  • Attack on Titan is a gruesome anime with a fair share of bloodshed despite being a shonen anime.
  • Marco's death, Armin's sacrifice and Hannes death were quite disturbing to watch.
  • Levi slaughters the Beast Titan and Eren kills the Warhammer Titan was absolutely gruesome.

Attack on Titan is a dark shōnen anime that is often categorized as Seinen due to the sheer amount of gruesome scenes and bloodshed it features. Isayama made one of the most unapologetic anime in existence. Shōnen, like One Piece or Naruto, are primarily light-hearted, but Isayama decided to hit the fans with a brick of dark fantasy on the face. There are a plethora of disturbing scenes throughout the anime, and someone who watches this anime will indeed be left traumatized by the end of it. From absolute bloodbaths to psychological trauma, Attack on Titan is in for it all!

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5. Armin Gets Burned to Crisp

Armin's sacrifice Season 3 Episode 17
Armin’s sacrifice Season 3 Episode 17

As Armin helps Eren to fight the Titan by being a decoy, his body gets burned beyond recognition. The scene wasn’t as disturbing compared to some of the other ones on this list. However, the amount of emotions and mental turmoil that was expressed in the scene was quite unsettling to watch.

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4. Abandoning Marco For His Death

Leaving Marco to Die
Leaving Marco to Die

Marco was among the hundreds of victims who fell to their death when Titans invaded during the Battle for Trost. His body was half bitten and the scene was unsettling enough on its own. It was later in the series that the actual events which led Marco to his death were revealed. It turns out that Reiner forces Annie to snatch Marco’s ODM gear and leave him there to be eaten by the monster.

3. Hannes’ Death was Traumatizing for Eren

Hannes protecting Eren and Mikasa from Titan
Hannes protecting Eren and Mikasa from Titan

Armored and Colossal Titans held Eren hostage. After Eren gets rescued from them, Mikasa and he face the same Titan that killed their mother, Carla Yaeger. Hannes was observing the entire scene and decided to intervene to save the two youngsters. His guilt from being unable to save their mother kicked in. Amidst Eren’s desperate attempts to turn into a Titan and help Hannes, he watches the old man die in front of him.

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2. Levi Slaughters the Beast Titan

Levi slaughtering Beast Titan
Levi slaughtering Beast Titan

Beast Titan slaughters Levi’s comrade like they were insects. This enrages him, and despite the fact that Beast Titan is considered one of the strongest among all the Titans, Levi’s rage dwarfs the fur monster! He slashes through the limbs of the beast like he was made of paper and finally gets Zeke out of his chamber. The scene was quite intense, with quick-paced action and a rage-filled Levi.

1. Eren Eats the War Hammer Titan

Eren demolishing Jaw Titan
Eren demolishing Jaw Titan

Eren had one of most significant character development in Attack of Titan and quite possibly one of the greatest of all time. From the cheerful and joyous boy he used to be, he turned into a cynical and heartless war criminal. In the scene where Eren uses Jaw Titan’s powerful jaws to eat the Warhammer Titan, Lyra is absolutely ruthless and brutal! Eren grabs Porco by the jaws and crushes Lyra’s crystals between his teeth followed by drinking her remains.

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