Attack On Titan: Major MIA Character Long Thought To Be Dead Could Still be Alive

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Warning: Spoiler Ahead For Attack On Titan


In an uncovering that maybe most Attack on Titan fans saw coming, Levi Ackermann is for sure still alive. The destiny of humankind’s most noteworthy officer was left obscure in the debut episode of the Final Season: Part Two. It was when Hange Zoë dove into the waterway with Levi’s body. A great deal has gone down since Levi was last conscious. Despite the fact that it seems as though he actually isn’t, and ruined body or not, the Rumbling is all hands on deck. Missing a few fingers and an eye, Levi is most likely going to need to figure out how to contribute.

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Levi Is Far More Grounded Than A Normal Human

Attack On Titans: Levi Ackerman
Levi Ackerman

In the finale of the Final Season: Part One, Zeke Jaeger exploded a Thunder Spear at short proximity. It was in a frantic endeavor to get away from Levi’s grasp and proceed with his arrangement with Eren. When Attack on Titan returned for the Final Season: Part Two, Hange, was being held detainee by Floch and the Jaegerists. He coincidentally found Levi’s apparently inert body. However, Floch tracked down it lucky that their most prominent enemy was dead. He actually demanded it by attempting to check for a heartbeat himself. Hange, convincingly, guaranteed them that Levi was dead. Then, at that point, he jumped all over a chance to get away from when Zeke rose up out of the body of a dead Titan.

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Thunder Spears are adequately strong to pass the protection over Reiner Braun’s Armored Titan. So how is it that Levi could have endured one detonating in his face? As a relative of the Ackermann bloodline, Levi is far more grounded than a normal human. The Ackermann Clan were once fighters who safeguarded the lord, fit for showing the strength of Titans in human structure. Despite everything, it obviously took each ounce of Levi’s godlike solidarity to stick to his life after such decimating wounds.


Levi Has Lost All Confidence In Eren

Attack On Titans: Levi Ackerman And Eren Jaeger
Levi Ackerman And Eren Jaeger

All in all, what’s the significance here for the series since humankind’s greatest soldier has returned, yet oblivious? Eren has left Paradis Island while killing endless Eldians with the Rumbling. The Jaegerists, led by Floch, are fiercely holding onto control of the conflict-torn island. Paradis’ military is all but gone, including Nile Dawk and Dot Pixis, the authorities of the Military Police and Garrison individually. Keith Shadis, set out as an educator toward the military, has no designs to revolt, meaning there’s no other person to stop Floch’s power snatch.

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Attack On Titans: Levi Ackerman Fighting A Titan
Levi Ackerman Fighting A Titan

As Armin Arlert called attention to, there is definitely no way around Eren and the Rumbling at present. Regardless of whether there were, Levi’s battling days are in all probability behind him. Similar to when Erwin Smith lost his arm, Levi very likely will not pull out from the forefronts, yet his authority is currently the main commitment he can make as everybody battles with the size of what Eren has done. There’s little motivation to accept that Levi would uphold the Rumbling to clear out all life past Paradis Island, regardless of whether just because to go against Eren, in whom he has lost all confidence.


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