15 Times Aubrey Plaza And Elizabeth Olsen Were An Iconic Duo Of Utter Awkwardness

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Aubrey Plaza and Elizabeth Olsen were an iconic duo at the premiere of their movie Ingrid Goes West. These awkward yet iconic duo have so much chemistry on and off the screen. Their interviews are so hilarious, and both of them give us total best friend goals! They have given some memorable red carpet moments and interviews that fans still can’t get enough of. Let’s take a look at the times when Aubrey Plaza and Elizabeth Olsen were an iconic duo of utter awareness.


1. Elizabeth And Aubrey Wore The Exact Same Dress From Marc Jacobs And Even Matching Heels! On The Premier Of Their Movie ‘Ingrid Goes West’. Should We Call It A Bff Twin Telepathy Or That They Have Very Similar Tastes?

2. This Interview With Aubrey Plaza and Elizabeth Olsen Will Definitely Make You Laugh And Cry At The Same Time! Elizabeth – “I am obsessed with Aubrey.”


3. No One Hypes Aubrey The Way Elizabeth Does!

4. Elizabeth’s Weird Photos In Aubrey’s Phone Background.

5. ‘An Iconic Bff Moment.’


6. Different But Still Same! The Chemistry Between Both Of Them Shows That Bffs Can Have Different Perspectives But Can Still Be Same.

7. A Typical Best Friends’ Gossip.

8. Did Aubrey Really Stalk Elizabeth?


9. It Looks like Elizabeth Loves Making Guacamole

10. The Most Adorable Bffs In Town! This Picture Will Definitely Make You Miss Your Bff!!

11. Have You Ever Seen A Coolest Bff Duo Than Elizabeth Olsen And Aubrey Plaza?


12. Who Needs A Boyfriend When You Have A Companion Like Aubrey And Elizabeth!!

13. ‘Aubrey And Elizabeth Rocking The Twinning Look.’ This Became One Of The Most Iconic Moments On The Red Carpet Anyone Ever Has.

14. ‘Aubrey Is Elizabeth’s Number One Motivator.’ But She Also Never Loses A Chance To Make Fun Of Her! This Truly Defines The Type Of Relationship They Have.


15. Ending The Terrific Duo List Of Aubrey Plaza And Elizabeth Olsen With The Most Adorable Picture Of The Famous Bff Duo. “It’s Their World We Are Just Living In It”!!


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