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Ali Harris
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Marvel Studios Announces Slate Of TV Series For Disney+

Marvel Studios Announces Slate Of TV Series For Disney+

It was just last year when it was reported that Marvel would be working on the limited-series Falcon & Winter Soldier. Just today, Disney...

‘X-Men’ & ‘Fantastic Four’ Won’t Join MCU Anytime Soon

Almost 11 years later, after 22 movies all leading up to one prodigious story and earning more than $20 billion worldwide, the Marvel Cinematic...
The Russo Brothers comment on the possibility of them making a DC Film after their time with the Marvel Cinematic Universe is done!

Russo Bros. Talk Possibility Of Making A DC Film

The past few days have been crazy in regards to new information being confirmed or spoken about. However, at CinemaCon the masterminds behind the...
'Dark Phoenix' To Be Last Film In Fox's 'X-Men' Series

‘Dark Phoenix’ Confirmed To Be Last Film In ‘X-Men’ Series

The upcoming Dark Phoenix trailers have given fans an idea of what to expect, clearing some doubts that fans may have had for this...
'Black Widow' & 'Doctor Strange 2' Rumored For 2020 Release

‘Black Widow’ & ‘Doctor Strange 2’ Rumored For 2020 Release

We know that Marvel Studios' plan on releasing Spider-Man: Far From Home as their next movie after Avengers: Endgame. However, what comes after those...