Simeone Miller

Simeone has been involved in popular culture journalism since early 2015 as the co-founder of the highly successful Up Your Geek news organization. He specializes in covering DC, Marvel, cinema, and gaming. He is a political science major minoring in sociology and plans to be a lawyer.

Playstation 5 Could Be $500

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Netflix To Adapt ‘The Division’

Tom Clancy's The Division is getting a live-action adaptation on Netflix. Also read: E3 2019 PC Gaming Show Highlights

E3 2019 PC Gaming Show Highlights

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Ubisoft Spills Details On ‘Ghost Recon Breakpoint’, Beta Date Revealed

Publisher/developer Ubisoft gave more information on their upcoming installment to the Tom Clancy franchise with Ghost Recon Breakpoint.

‘The Division 2’ Gets A Community Update, Timed Free-Trial

Fans of The Division 2 got a community update and the announcement of a timed-free trial at E3 2019!

‘Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad’ Announced

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