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Avatar: Greatest Battle Sequences, Ranked

Avatar the greatest battle sequences ranked

Avatar: The Last Airbender is the most incredible Japanese anime show from the west. It is the most memorable and the most loved animated show for the fans. As we know, the creators created the show to target the younger age group audience. However, the beauty of the characters and the captivating story has attracted many fans of all age groups. As the name suggests, the association of the power of bending ensures the presence of some breath-taking fight scenes in the show. Below let’s see the top fights of Avatar.

5. Siege Of Ba Sing Se (Finale): The Order of the Lotus had been the most mysterious group throughout Avatar. It had the subtle hints of its actuality noticed by the utmost keen watchers. We could only see in the finale when benders of all four elements work together and take down a villain. Viewers can watch masters of their craft boast their undressed skill. Uncle Iroh marked his end by returning to Ba Sing Se.

5th rank-Siege Of Ba Sing Se (Finale)
Uncle Iroh’s return to Ba Sing Se

4. Invasion Of The Fire Nation (The Day Of Black Sun). We saw the protagonists finally work out the long-planned incursion in The Day Of Black Sun. It brought back multitudinous cherished side characters. But what the protagonists weren’t aware of was that the Fire Nation already knew about their invasion. The incredible scene was Amazing Earthbending, the swamp monster, and the inner fights between the GAang and the Dai Li agents.

4th rank- Invasion Of The Fire Nation (The Day Of Black Sun)
The Day Of Black Sun showed us the protagonists ordain on their long-planned incursion.

3. Aang And Katara Vs. Zuko And Azula (Crossroads Of Destiny). Season finales always gave us some of the best fights we ever say throughout the series. It brought the best out of our favorite heroes and also to their respective breaking points. Best example of this is the ending of Book Two, the fight in the Ba Sing Se catacombs between Aang and Katara, and Zuko and Azula. During the fight, it left us all sitting at the edges of our seats wondering which path Zuko would eventually choose, and whether Aang could win without the Avatar state. It’s the first time we saw Katara’s abilities against her foes and Azula’s capability and maximum ruthlessness.

Aang And Katara Vs. Zuko And Azula (Crossroads Of Destiny)
The Ba Sing Se vault fights between Aang and Katara and Zuko and Azula taking over.

2. Zuko And Katara Vs. Azula (Finale): All the fans expected the final battle of the entire story to be the topmost of The Last Airbender. The heroes come up with a three-rounded assault on the Fire Nation. But later Ozai reduces the Earth Kingdom to ashes with the Air Nomads. Finally, seeing Azula’s redemption and sacrifice for Katara was touching. Additionally, the music, fight sequences between Zuko and Azula and the visuals made it an unforgettable experience.

Zuko And Katara Vs. Azula (Finale)
Azula effortlessly evades and counters Zuko’s attacks without bending at all

1. Aang Vs. Ozai (Finale): The battle Avatar was suggesting was a sacrifice tale for the periods. People wondered if Aang could ever win against the powerful Firebenders without the Avatar state. The battle was a visual masterpiece, including the animation and music. Aang eventually gets his Avatar State back, which puts Ozai at risk.

Aang Vs. Ozai (Finale)
The battle scenes were with the Agni Kai and Sokka and Toph’s attempts at stopping the airship line.

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