News of Avatar Sequel Makes James Cameron’s Much-Awaited Franchise Feel Real

The movie that changed the history of cinemas, Avatar remains to be the highest-grossing of all time. Its out-of-the-world visualization, storytelling and CGI began new dawn of movie-making. The sequels to this global and critical success have been the most anticipated and talked-about movies for the last 10 years. However, the making of the second installation almost made the whole project feel like a dream. Its writing took so many years that fans started to lose hope. Instead of working on one sequel, James Cameron went on developing two, which soon became four. After waiting for over a decade, when fans had almost begun to assume that the movies weren’t coming out, the set photos restored our hopes. Additionally, the infamous villain from Avatar, Stephen Lang has just wrapped up shooting the next two films. This update definitely confirms that that franchise is really returning to screens.The fact that Avatar sequels are happening feels real because of Stephen Lang. This long-awaited dream is not just getting envisioned but has moved forward with the productions. And now, the villain Colonel Quaritch who apparently died in the first part will be in the next two films. Fans are excited to learn that he has completed filming his part as it implies that the movie isn’t far. 

Just like the plot of the next films, Stephen’s role and significance are still unknown. However, according to reports, he will continue being the big bad even in these sequels. While talking about his role, the actor said 

“I was in communication just last week with New Zealand, with my director, and everything’s great — he’s working hard. My acting work on both Avatar 2 and 3 is complete. I might have to go back and do a line here and there, but I’m really done.”

The filming of Avatar 2 and 3 are currently under work and slated to hit the theatres by the end of 2022 and 2024. Initially, the cast was supposed to resume working for Avatar 4 and 5 after the release of the 3rd instalment. Perhaps, plans changed after the Disney-Fox takeover and the productions for the fourth part ran simultaneously with the second and third. 

It almost feels unreal to hear that Avatar 2 is getting closer. The film is near wrapping up the productions and completing principal photography. Since it is just 16 months away, fans can expect a teaser trailer by the end of 2021.


Written by Ipshita Barua