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Avatar: The Way of Water VFX Boss Confirms Plans for Making Avatar 3 Visuals Even More Breathtaking are “Already Underway”

Avatar: The Way of Water VFX Boss Confirms Plans for Making Avatar 3 Visuals Even More Breathtaking are "Already Underway"

James Cameron’s Avatar 2 has been doing great at the box office after grossing an estimated sum of $134 million in its opening weekend. Similar to the first film, part of the reason for the sequel’s success can very well be attributed to its mesmerizing visual effects. Not even a full week since its release though, the VFX crew is already busy planning all the ways they’re going to make the third film even more terrific than the sequel.

Avatar: The Way of Water (2022)
Avatar: The Way of Water (2022)

Learning from the second part, the visual effects team hopes to accentuate Avatar 3 in such a way that it will render the audience dumbstruck like never before. And this is coming from the Senior VFX Supervisor himself who worked on Avatar: The Way of Water.

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Avatar 3‘s Visual Effects Will Surpass That of the Sequel 

James Cameron is known for blowing the minds of his audience by creating some of the most brilliant films to ever have been made. Especially in terms of visual effects, his movies are always visually delectable, and Avatar 2 stands testament to the same. While Avatar (2009) ended up becoming a cinematic masterpiece in the history of the film industry, its sequel is also doing stunningly well among critics and audiences. And the VFX team is already concocting something even more epic for Avatar 3.

The third installment in the franchise is set to premiere in 2024, and while talking about the sequel, the VFX crew discussed just how they plan on making Avatar 3 better in terms of CGI. Joe Letteri, the senior VFX head who worked on Avatar 2, remarked how they “learned” a plethora of things from this movie that they would like to enhance in Avatar 3, something which is already in the works.

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Avatar: The Way of Water - a visual delicacy
Avatar 2 – a visual delicacy

“It’s what I was saying before, you always learned. And yeah, there’s a lot of things that we learned on this film that we’d like to, you know, make better for the next film. So, that’s already underway.”

And when they say they know what they need to do for the third film, it’s not just a nebulous concept they’ve scratched down somewhere. The team is already in the middle of making a full-fledged plan for it all as Letteri stated what aspects they have their eyes on for improving in Avatar 3. 

Two Main CGI Aspects Will be Accentuated in Avatar 3

When asked what exactly is the VFX team looking forward to improving while executing Avatar 3, Letteri pointed out two central elements that they will be working on. For them, the facial and water visuals are the most imperative aspects that they wish to refine in the third film.

“You know what, hopefully, it’s not the visual result we’re talking about, it’s the way we’re getting to it, right? And to me, the two most important aspects of this film are the same two that we’re going to crack into next film, which is going to be the facial and the water.”

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Avatar 2's VFX team claims the third film is going to be even more stunning
Avatar 2‘s VFX team claims the third film is going to be even more stunning

“Cause, we learned a lot on it. But I think we just were scratching the surface. ‘Cause, it’s the first time using these new techniques for both of those. And hopefully, we can bring you something on the next film that will, you know, work even better.”

Rest assured, Avatar 3 is going to be all the more fascinating than the first two films have been. The best part is that the audience won’t even have to wait for more than a decade for it like they had to for the sequel.

Avatar: The Way of Water is out in cinemas.

Avatar 3 is scheduled to release on December 20, 2024.

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