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Avengers Don’t Get Paid Enough At All And Here’s Why

Stan Lee didn’t hold back any punches when he said that all the heroes in Marvel have some form of roots that tie them to our reality, for some it was the way they deal with anger, grief for others it was their geekiness or the over the top ego. Little did we know that emotions are only half of the spectrum that ties the Avengers problems to the same root as the general public.

With the latest release of the first episode of Marvels’ The Falcon And The Winter Soldier mini-series, we get an in-depth look at what problems are some of the Avengers facing when they aren’t fighting moon-shattering threats or babysitting possible threats. Within the first episode, Sam Wilson aka The Falcon faces the most common problem that we couldn’t have expected, finances.

Sam couldn’t gain a loan from the bank that their family has been relying on since their parents time, due to the simple fact that he isn’t eligible for a loan as the Avengers income comes from a good amount of goodwill, not exactly the most reliable and stable sources for a superhero.

The outrage of this fact surged all over the internet after they learned that their favorite heroes get treated like dirt when it comes to their wealth. Naturally, most of the aggression got channeled through Twitter:

A few people pointed out that there is one Avenger in particular who could have solved all of these problems if he ever wanted to. Yes, we are referring to the one and only late Tony Stark who had enough money to dish out for the rest of them to get proper paychecks. However, Twitter rose again to remind people that Tony was only the brains, not the bank of the Avengers:

To make matters worse, the banker could not show any form of sympathy for the blip that made everyone come back after a 5-year gap in which it would have been impossible to make a single buck. If an Avenger cannot get some pull, then what would be the case of the people that just go about their normal lives?

It’s doubtful the Avengers will be getting that “tremendous amount of goodwill” since most people are going to be looking out for themselves since everyone would be stuck in the same situation if not worse, and donations are likely going to be dwindling for a good amount of time.

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Written by Neal Johnson

An avid movie fan and pop culture enthusiast.