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Avengers: Endgame Star Benedict Cumberbatch’s Life Was In Danger As Intruder Broke Into His House With Malicious Intentions And A Knife

Avengers: Endgame Star Benedict Cumberbatch's Life Was In Danger As Intruder Broke Into His House With Malicious Intentions And A Knife

The life of a celebrity is full of highs and lows. Living in the limelight can often result in mishaps and afflictions, no matter what precautions one takes. And so it happened with the Avengers Endgame star Benedict Cumberbatch.

Benedict Cumberbatch left shaken after intruder break-in
Benedict Cumberbatch left shaken after intruder break-in

Recently, a local chef broke into Cumberbatch’s London home with a knife and a hurl of threats when the whole family was inside. Luckily, police intervention made sure he was caught before anything could go wrong.

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Benedict Cumberbatch’s Terrifying Experience As Intruder Breaks Into His House

Jack Bissells broke into Benedict Cumberbatch's house
Jack Bissell broke into Benedict Cumberbatch’s house

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The Avengers Endgame star Benedict Cumberbatch was in grave danger after a recent break-in. During the terrifying experience, a man broke into his London house, shouting and threatening the star and his family, armed with a knife.

The intruder was 35-year-old Jack Bissell, a chef by profession. While the whole family was inside the house, Bissell broke into the actor’s $3.5 million property in the North of London through the front gate. He could be heard shouting,

“I know you’ve moved here, I hope it burns down.”

Jack Bissell, who is a former employee of the five-star Beaumont Hotel, Mayfair caused havoc outside destroying Benedict Cumberbatch’s plants and yanking them against a wall. He also went ahead to rip off an intercom installed outside, spitting on it.


It was also reported that before the incident, Bissell told a nearby shopkeeper that he would be breaking into Cumberbatch’s house wanting to burn it down.

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Terrifying Intruder Experience Has Left Benedict Cumberbatch With Sleepless Nights

Benedict Cumberbatch with his wife Sophie Hunter
Benedict Cumberbatch with his wife Sophie Hunter

During the break-in, Benedict Cumberbatch, along with his wife Sophie Hunter and their three kids was inside their London house. Following the break-in, the actor took swift action, ringing up the local police before things could get out of hand.


Eventually, the former cook was arrested thanks to DNA evidence, fined over $308, as well as given a three-year restraining order. He also admitted to the crime in the Wood Green Crown Court in London, earlier in May. But it remains uncertain as to what was the objective of the former chef and what his relationship is with the Avengers Endgame star.

A source close to the couple was quoted as saying,

“Naturally all of the family were absolutely terrified and thought this guy was going to get in and hurt them. Luckily it never went that far. Benedict and Sophie have had many sleepless nights since worrying that they may be targeted again. The fact that it was a targeted intrusion makes it a lot more scary.”

Thankfully the harrowing incident has come to an end, but its happenings have left the Cumberbatch family shaken, with many sleepless nights. While fans are pouring their support and love to the star and his family, we too extend our support, hoping the family can look forward towards a future unburdened by fear.


Source: TMZ

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