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Avengers Game Reveals New Inhuman Character

The upcoming Marvel Avengers game has revealed a new character from the Inhumans. The name of the character is Cerise, and it is specially created for the game. Cerise is shown to be in a wheelchair, and the creation of the character is part of the efforts to promote accessibility and representation in video games. Let’s see further details.

Crystal Dynamics effort in promoting inclusive gaming content

Crystal Dynamics effort in promoting inclusive gaming content
Iron Man and Thor in a still from the game.

The developer Crystal Dynamics sought the help of Cherry Thompson, who is an accessibility specialist. She helped provide motion capture for Cerise’s character so that gameplay feels authentic to the players. Also, she will serve as an advisor providing feedback on the game’s development.  

Furthermore, the efforts of the developers go beyond the creation of Cerise. The upcoming game will also feature diverse crowds. Moreover, the game will also offer remappable controls, and low-vision players can opt from different interfaces. All this is a part of Crystal Dynamics’ efforts in promoting the game to be more inclusive. Indeed, this should set a new standard for other game development studios. Just last year, They had earned the APXP (Accessible Player Experience Practitioner) certification.  

The game’s developments

Meagan Marie, the senior community and social media manager for Marvel’s Avengers, stated the upcoming game’s vision for the society. Marie explained that the game’s design catered to the disabled players, intending to make their gaming experience more fun. Moreover, she commended the job of the UI department in their efforts on the game. Marie termed the high contrast user interface as very exciting for the players of the game.  

Will we see the new character in future Marvel projects?

Marvel's Avengers Reveals New Inhuman
Marvel’s Avengers

No information is known yet regarding the role of Cerise’s character in the video game. Moreover, her future involvement in Marvel projects is also unknown. Considering that Kamala Khan will feature in a new Disney+ series, it is not yet clear whether Cerise shows up in the series.

Marvel’s Avengers was scheduled to release in May this year. However, now the game will release in September. The game will be playable on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.   

Source: ComicBook, IGN

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