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Avengers: Secret Wars Reportedly a Love Letter to Original X-Men Stars, Will Bring Them to MCU For 1 Last Time Before Recasting Them

Avengers: Secret Wars Reportedly a Love Letter to Original X-Men Stars, Will Bring Them to MCU For 1 Last Time Before Recasting Them

For as long as Foxverse has existed, rumors of the X-Men universe merging within the MCU have remained a probability. With Disney now making that dream possible, the fandom has been droning on about the X-Men’s arrival in full force, given Deadpool 3 is all but a taste of what’s to come. The finale to the upcoming Multiverse Saga, aka Avengers: Secret Wars is already known to be a tale recounting the most expansive, ambitious, and visionary adaptation of all time.

The film, like its comic counterpart, is set to bring in every hero and villain that ever existed, making the finale a worthy playground for ushering in the already-established Foxverse heroes. Beyond that, not much is known as to how the original X-Men could foray into Marvel’s foreground without it being a multiversal crossover event. A Twitter scooper now seems to have found the answer to that question.

Secret Wars
Secret Wars

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Secret Wars Set to Be a Tribute to the Original X-Men?

It is a daunting thought to encounter the scale of Avengers 6 and to imagine what could have gone into making Secret Wars look like a feasible reality. Nonetheless, Kevin Feige has once again made the impossible work and the fans couldn’t be more excited. But the vast magnitude of the miniseries adaptation warrants an event much greater than what could be contained within one film. And now, it looks like Avengers 6 is also being framed as a final ode to one of the major superhero groups that are set to exit the cinematic arena with this multiversal event.

The industry scooper @EmberOnCulture has previously delivered numerous scoops that have come to pass and there’s no reason to think this could be any different. The reasoning behind the Twitter report adds up as well, given there are going to be no large-scale films, series, or special presentations before Secret Wars to focus on the narrative of the X-Men as a whole. Disney’s acquisition of 20th Century Fox then seems like a wasted opportunity if they cannot adapt one of Fox’s biggest critically and commercially successful IPs onto the screens.

The appearance of the older and original regime of the X-Men (and their younger counterparts) will consequently be made possible in the Multiverse Saga showdown. And it is only fitting that they receive a final standing ovation in their grand exit before Marvel reboots the Foxverse franchise beyond the events of Phase Six.

Secret Wars – chaos ensues
Secret Wars – chaos ensues

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What Role Will the X-Men Play in Avengers: Secret Wars?

Two of the most vehemently teased and discussed subjects in the entirety of Phase Four – mutants and the multiverse – will finally come to clash on Battleworld. Set to be made into a planet comprised of bits and pieces of worlds from all over the existing multiverse, Battleworld will witness the X-Men (among others) facing heroes, villains, or their own selves from the past or the future, and perhaps even their variants from alternate dimensions, proving once and for all why nothing ever beats the originals.

Inasmuch, we get to root one final time for the heroes we grew up watching, who faced countless hurdles over the course of the past two decades. And although Secret Wars will be nothing like the cathartic and character-oriented plotline of Logan, the fandom at least gets to witness a glorious farewell to this band of mutant heroes who have time and again proven their mettle and risen in a world that wants nothing but to destroy them.

X-Men go up against the Avengers in Secret Wars
X-Men go up against the Avengers in Secret Wars

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However, once the gladiatorial match has been played and the victors rise to put an end to the torment, the universe in its aftermath (including MCU’s mainstream Earth-616) will be remade into a space that holds beings from other dimensions pocketed and displaced or reborn within other worlds. This provides the perfect segue for a recast roster of characters to establish themselves within the MCU as its new mutant occupants, the X-Men.

Avengers: Secret Wars premieres theatrically on May 1, 2026.

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