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‘We Don’t Have a Director for Secret Wars’: Kevin Feige Shares Disappointing Avengers 6 Update After Russo Brothers Exit the Franchise


As the line-up of MCU’s Multiverse Saga gets unveiled at the SDCC 22, Avengers: Secret Wars has been subjected to wild discussions and fan theories. The fans couldn’t control their excitement when they watched two back-to-back Avengers movies concluding phase 6 as well as the Multiverse Story arc of MCU. But as everyone was scratching their heads on their anticipated theories and beliefs regarding Secret Wars, Kevin Feige shared that the Russo Brothers are not returning for this movie which raised a veil of disappointment among the fans.

MCU Secret Wars
Secret Wars will be a major event in MCU

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Why the Secret Wars are deprived of The Russo Brothers?

Russo Brothers going to direct Secret Wars?
The Russo Brothers reportedly not returning for Secret Wars

Anthony and Joe Russo, popularly known as the Russo Brothers made their way into MCU with Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and since then they didn’t have to stop as they continued to provide back-to-back multistarrer hits in the forms of Captain America: Civil War, Avengers: Infinity War and the most important one, the gigantic Avengers: Endgame. 

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Their direction style and understanding of handling a multistarrer superhero flick became a wide subject of appreciation and the fans still continue to describe Endgame to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The way they concluded the Infinity Saga of MCU was commendable so the fans were even excited thinking they may also return to the studio for giving another closure to another phase of MCU but according to Kevin Feige, they are not.

While talking at the SDCC 22, Kevin Feige exclaimed that they are already busy running their ventures under the AGBO umbrella so if they are denying reports of their presence then they are not lying and as of now, the Avengers movies still lack directors:

“We do not have a director for Secret Wars and you will see about some of the other director announcements at some point. But no, they are not lying to you. They’re telling the truth. They’re very busy running their AGBO empire and the world is better for it.”

Although earlier once during an interview, the Russo Brothers accepted that provided the right story, they are open to returning to the studio still now it seems neither MCU is planning to bring them back.

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The Future of Secret Wars:

avengers secret wars to conclude the multiverse saga
Avengers: Kang Dynasty and Secret Wars will conclude the Multiverse Saga

Secret Wars is a very major crossover Marvel event in the comics and as expected the fans are excited for it more than anything else. The basic premise of the story consists of a collision of universes and some epic storylines that form a storyline even far more wilder than the Endgame.

Such a seismic event also needs a director who can handle that out worldly events and set pieces and on the same note, also knows how to handle the emotions as it is the emotions that keep us connected to these fictional beings and let us feel their sorrow and joy.

Even though many times earlier the heads of the Marvel Cinematic Universe have openly lied about their projects still we have to wait for some time now to know about the holder of the Head Chair.

Avengers: Secret Wars is going to be released on November 7, 2025 

Source: SDCC 22

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