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Avengers Star Jeremy Renner Gets Massive Outpour of Fan Support on His Birthday: ‘We know this isn’t how you wanted to celebrate this day…’

Avengers Star Jeremy Renner Gets Massive Outpour of Fan Support on His Birthday: 'We know this isn't how you wanted to celebrate this day...'

Jeremy Renner celebrated his 52nd birthday engulfed in love and support cascading from his fans.

The MCU star has been spending the past few days in the hospital as he recuperates from the tragic snowplow accident he got into on New Year’s Day. After sustaining grave injuries, Renner was rushed to the ICU in Reno, Nevada on January 1 on a Sunday.

Jeremy Renner
Jeremy Renner

While he’s been recovering since then, the Hawkeye actor had to celebrate his birthday from the hospital bed. However, thanks to the immense support his fans have been showcasing along with the commendable assistance the medical staff has been providing him with, Renner’s sullen spirits were raised to a jovial high on his birthday this Saturday.

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How Jeremy Renner Spent His 52nd Birthday in the Hospital 

Jeremy Renner turned 52 this Saturday, January 7, and his fans made his day in the most wholesome way possible.

Students from The Base, a Chicago-based organization that consolidates sports and academics for young athletes, posted a video of them dancing to the famous 50 Cent song, In da Club, while holding placards spelling Renner’s name.

The Bourne Legacy star shared the clip of the same on his Instagram story, expressing his gratitude for all “the birthday love” he received. He even went ahead to leave an appreciating comment on the video that The Base posted on its Instagram account. “I love you all sooooo much !!!! Thank you. You’ve made my spirits sing!!!!”, Renner wrote.

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Jeremy Renner expresses gratitude toward the medical staff helping him get better
Jeremy Renner is thankful for the medical staff that is helping him recover

Just a day before his birthday on January 6, Renner shared a picture of him surrounded by the hospital staff on his Instagram story as he thanked them for their manifold efforts and services. “Thank you Renowned Medical ICU team for beginning this journey,” he stated.

Following his snowplow accident, the Mayor of Kingstown actor suffered from several “extensive” wounds after getting injured by a 14,330-pound snowplow, as reported by the Washoe County Sheriff, Darin Balaam, in a press conference on January 3. When he was first admitted to the hospital, Renner was said to have been in a “critical but stable condition.” The Academy Award-nominated star has been getting better since then.

Jeremy Renner Receives Heartfelt Birthday Wishes From Fans

Jeremy Renner
Jeremy Renner in the hospital

On The Base’s Twitter post of the video wherein young students are cheering for Renner on his birthday, numerous other fans left beautiful messages for the Arrival star as they prayed for him to get on his feet soon. Safe to say it was a birthday well-spent for Renner. One user even called him their “real-life superhero,” and that’s quite fitting since he got injured whilst trying to help his neighbors clear out the snow. He’s truly a real-life Avenger.

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While Renner continues to regain his health in the intensive care unit, it is unknown when exactly he would be getting a discharge from the hospital. But he has been sharing updates about his recovery and the actor is definitely getting better, albeit slowly, but gradually nevertheless.

Source: The BASE Chicago via Twitter

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