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Awards Season Heats Up; HBO Max Cancels More (NEWSLETTER)

Awards Season Heats Up; HBO Max Cancels More (NEWSLETTER)

Awards season has gotten real with the reveal of the Golden Globe 2023 nominees. While we celebrate the best of the industry, sadly HBO Max has revealed the cancellation of even more of its originals.

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Golden Globes 2023 Nominees Revealed

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Finally, after breathless anticipation from audiences, the Golden Globe has announced the nominees for its 2023 awards season (and 80th, which gives this year’s nominees an extra level of prestige). Fans of Better Call Saul can rest easy, as the show has gotten a plethora of nominations for its final season, which hopefully means it can get the award wins it deserves. For the 2023 Golden Globes, Avatar: The Way of Water and Top Gun: Maverick are leading in the drama categories while Everything Everywhere All at Once and Glass Onion are leading in the comedy/musical categories. In less headline-grabbing news, Everything Everywhere All at Once and Tár have tied for Best Picture at the Los Angeles Film Critics association.

Academy Decision Sparks Controversy

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With what has become a staple of awards season, there is yet another controversy happening around the Oscars. Variety reports that the original score for Tár (one of the year’s most acclaimed films) and the Doja Cat song “Vegas” (from Elvis) have been disqualified from nominations due to the reliance of the pieces on already-existing music.

Box Office Reveals Marvel Domination

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The box office numbers for last week have come in, and surprising nobody, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is #1 for the fifth week in a row. This domination of the box office by Black Panther is unsurprising considering the massive appeal of Marvel and the success of the first film, though some did have doubts as to the performance of the film due to superhero fatigue and the chaotic production stemming from the tragic loss of lead actor Chadwick Boseman. Luckily, those doubts have been proven inconsequential with this dominance.

Yet Another Warner Bros. Discovery Controversy

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In what has become a nearly weekly trend at this point, Warner Bros. Discovery is facing yet another controversy. In yet another attempt to impose cost-cutting measures, HBO Max original ‘Love Life’ has been canceled after two seasons and removed from HBO Max. If the previous cost-cutting measures were not yet enough of a statement that screamed “end of an era”, this cancellation must do so because ‘Love Life’ was HBO Max’s first original scripted series.

Additionally, Variety reports that HBO Max original ‘Minx’ has been canceled after one season and removed from HBO Max, reversing the season two renewal from May. This meant that, like the cancellations of Batgirl and Scoob: Holiday Haunt, Warner Bros. Discovery has canceled a nearly complete project for the sake of a (relatively) few dollars saved.

Trailer of The Day

To end off today’s recap on a lighthearted note, the full blooper reel for Netflix’s Wednesday has been revealed

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Written by Reilly Johnson

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