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Baby Yoda Merchandise Now Ready for Pre-Order

Baby Yoda Merchandise

Star WarsThe Mandalorian has become a worldwide sensation. The fan-favorite character, canonically the Child, but known in the real world as Baby Yoda has pushed the show to become the most popular show on streaming or cable. 

In the lead up promotional material for the show, nothing of Baby Yoda was shown and this pushed the show to the forefront of everyone’s minds once people realized how adorable he is. Disney has heard the crowds and has provided ways to get everyone their own Baby Yodas.

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Most of these products being sold will all be available starting May 15, 2020. All Baby Yoda merchandise is sold and named as “The Child” as it is read based from canon. Baby Yoda can be bought as the Funko Pop! Star Wars: The Mandalorian-The Child at the normal 3.75 inches for $8.78. There is another supersized version of Baby Yoda which is the Funko Pop! Star Wars: The Mandalorian-The Child 10” Super Size Pop! for about $29.99. Both of these Funko Pops are holding their hand out to use the Force as well.

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There is another option to get your very own Baby Yoda. That is the plush version of Baby Yoda. It is called the Star Wars 11’ Plush Toy which is sold at $24.99. This toy is the most realistic version of Baby Yoda that is available anywhere on the internet. He is basically the same size as the puppet found on the show, thank you Werner Herzeg for that. 

All of these items are sold by Disney and shipped through Amazon and can be pre-ordered here and will be shipped on May 15, 2020.

Written by Josh Collins

I am a bit of a film and video game fanatic. My interests include Star Wars, DC Comics, and action-adventure video games.I am a bit of a canon junkie when it comes to both Star Wars Legend and Disney canon. I love the Prequels and the Original Trilogy, while also sort of enjoying the Sequel Trilogy. I work freelance in television and film production after graduating from college in 2019. #ReleasetheSnyderCut

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