Bad News for James Gunn Loyalists as Amber Heard’s Aquaman 2 Faces Yet Another Roadblock: “No real humans actually looking forward to seeing Aquaman 2”

Bad News for James Gunn Loyalists as Amber Heard’s Aquaman 2 Faces Yet Another Roadblock

With the ongoing SAG-AFTRA strike alongside the Writer’s Guild, James Gunn, like many other Hollywood directors seems to be in trouble. Although they stand in solidarity with the strike, DCU fans and other salty fans seem to have a war going on among themselves.

The news was recently announced on Twitter that DCU’s Aquaman 2 might get delayed due to the ongoing strikes. While several people lamented the delayed release of the movie, some salty fans trolled the delayed release of the movie.

James Gunn on the sets of Guardians of the Galaxy franchise.
James Gunn on the sets of the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise. (Credit: Marvel/ Disney)

James Gunn And The DCU Gets Trolled For Alleged Delayed Release

In an exclusive report by Variety, the outlet revealed that due to the ongoing strike from the Writers Guild of America alongside the SAG-AFTRA strike, several projects have been delayed. The delays have been so influential in nature that Hollywood is losing money by the day.

Jason Momoa in a still from Aquaman
Jason Momoa in a still from Aquaman (Credit: WB)

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Due to the ongoing strikes, James Gunn and the DCU seem to be facing quite the alleged delays in the release of their films. In a report by Variety, the Jason Momoa and Amber Heard starrer Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom seems to be facing delays in its release. Although the news is harsh, several people took to trolling and the alleged delay of the DCU movies.

Although it hasn’t been confirmed yet, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom is currently set for a release date of 20th December 2023. As per the reports, James Gunn reportedly ordered Aquaman 2 to undergo reshoots.

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James Gunn Ordered Reshoots of Aquaman 2 For A Third Time!

James Gunn.
James Gunn. (Via Google)

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As per a source close to the news, The Hollywood Reporter stated that James Gunn ordered reshoots of Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom for a third time after seeing the first two initial screenings.

“While a timeline is not clear, from summer 2022 to the beginning of 2023, The Lost Kingdom underwent two rounds of reshoots and held several uninspiring test screenings.[James] Gunn is said to have weighed in on the most recent cut and the leadership approved a five-day shoot. Sources say the shoot went so well that [James] Wan and company completed what they needed in only four.”

With reshoots underway and the strike going strong, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom has not been confirmed to face delays. It is however inevitable that if the strikes continue then several projects of the DCU, the MCU, and Hollywood will be delayed by a significant time.

This is primarily a speculative article.

Source: Twitter

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