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Baryon Mode vs. Super Saiyan God: 5 Reasons Naruto Wins (& 5 Why Goku Stomps The Hokage)

Baryon Mode vs Super Saiyan God 5 Reasons Naruto Wins 5 Why Goku Stomps The Hokage

Both are weapons of last resort. Both are equally potent but are more or less a double-edged sword. If Naruto’s Baryon Mode clashes with Goku’s Super Saiyan God, who will be the winner?

Super Saiyan God: Godly Aura

Goku SSG

The Super Saiyan God transformation comes with the Aura of a God. In Super Saiyan God form, Goku can sense and manipulate Godly Ki. That was once a feat not accessible to mortals. When in Super Saiyan God form, Goku can nullify and prevent himself from taking damage. He gets access to a more potent form of Ki that can boost his energy attacks to Godlike levels. The God Ki is even known to paralyze foes.

Baryon Mode: Chakra Fusion

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Chakra Fusion

Baryon Modeis different from Naruto’s other forms. His tailed Beast Mode and Sage of 6 Paths mode borrow from other sources. But Baryon Mode creates an entirely new chakra by fusing Naruto’s Chakra with Kurama. It is pretty similar to nuclear fusion, the same process that creates an energy so great it literally powers our sun. A process similar to atomic fusion that powers a nuclear bomb powers Naruto.

Super Saiyan God: Autonomous Ultra Instinct

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Autonomous Ultra Instinct

While it may sound eerily similar to Ultra Instinct, that is not indeed the case. Autonomous Ultra Instinct is the ability of a seasoned martial artist’s body parts to move on their own free will. While certain transformations are needed to unlock this absolute peak of martial arts, some of it can still be used without the transformation. With each part of the body moving on it’s own, the user is almost impervious to damage since he will avoid all strikes instinctively.

Baryon Mode: Shortens The Enemy’s Lifespan

Naruto vs. Ishikki

The Baryon Mode doesn’t just drain Naruto’s Chakra, it has another much more useful side effect. The enemy who fights Naruto in his Baryon Mode has his lifespan reduced. The more exposed the foe is to the Baryon Mode, the shorter his lifespan becomes. It happens because of the interconnectedness of all chakra. Ishikki originally had 20 hours but after fighting Naruto in his Baryon Mode, his lifespan was reduced to mere minutes.

Super Saiyan God: Almost God Of Destruction Level Strength

goku vs beeru
Goku vs. Beerus

The Super Saiyan God form was revealed after Beerus came to Earth and challenged Goku to a fight. Goku realized how lacking in power he was compared to the universe’s God of destruction. So vie the power of an ancient Saiyan ritual, Goku achieved the Super Saiyan God transformation. Beerus never used his entire strength in the fight. But even a partially strong Beerus being taken aback by the Super Saiyan God form is no easy feat.

Baryon Mode: Increases The Power Of Naruto’s Jutsus

Baryon Mode Jutsus

In this form, Naruto’s chakra techniques get a huge boost. Almost all the techniques Naruto uses are already God tier. And when coupled with his Baryon Mode, they grow even stronger. Imagine a Big Ball Rasengan piercing through Goku‘s Kamehameha and hitting him right in his solar plexus. That is possible with the Baryon Mode.

Super Saiyan God: Has A More Advanced Level

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SS Blue

Super Saiyan God, for all its advantages, is actually a flawed and incomplete form. The final, more complete form is Super Saiyan Blue. This form is achieved by combining the Super Saiyan God Ki with the Super Saiyan transformation. If push comes to shove, Goku can unlock Super Saiyan Blue. That would be the end of the line for Naruto.

Baryon Mode: Massive Boost To Physical Attributes

boruto 53 modo barion

The chakra fusion we talked about doesn’t just increase the potency of his Jutsus. Baryon Mode also makes Naruto stronger, faster, and smarter than all his other forms. Naruto has the Sage Mode, the Sage of 6 Paths Chakra mode, and the Tailed Beast Node. But none of them make him so physically invincible as Baryon Mode.

Super Saiyan God: Self Healing

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SSG Healing Factor

The Godly Ki doesn’t just increases the user’s instinctive traits and physical abilities. It also gives them a form of regenerative healing factor. The Self-Healing ability hasn’t been shown in detail in Goku’s Super Saiyan God form but the manga shows it exists. So it doesn’t matter how wounded Goku is in this fight, he can still heal himself.

Baryon Mode: Absolute Defense

Baryon Mode’s Defense

The boost in the physical attributes and the massive increase in reaction time coupled with Naruto’s chakra cloak gives him a form of absolute defense. His defense is so ironclad not even Ishikki Otsutsuki was able to pierce through that armor. Goku will have a hard time landing a punch on Naruto when he is in his Baryon Mode.

Written by Bibhu Prasad Panda

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