Based On Your Zodiac Sign Which Marvel Sidekick Are You.

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Sidekicks play a really important role in the lives of our favourite superheroes and when it comes to Marvel They are iconic and memorable, supporting characters of our favourite heroes. Each one of them has their own personality and powers. As these sidekicks have always been there with our main heroes like Bucky Barnes and Foggy Nelson, they have their own specialization and each have a different zodiac sign. So Scroll down to find out which marvel sidekick are you based on your zodiac sign.


1 Aquarius: Foggy Nelson:

Foggy was seen in  Daredevil as the best friend and partner in law of Matt Murdock. People born under this sign are progressive, independent, intelligent, unique, and idealistic lust like Foggy was.


2. Pisces: Free Spirit

Free Spirit is one of the most famous sidekicks among others as she was with Captain America when Bucky died. She has been a very faithful sidekick for Steve and thus became Captain America for sometime. People with this sign are empathetic, generous, and in touch with their emotions.

3. Aries: War Machine


Everyone knows that War Machine is Iron-Man’s sidekick also known as James Rhodey Rhodes though he is now a hero in his own right, despite of that He is the best friends with Tony Stark. Things got a bit complex when Tony sacrificed himself Endgame. People with this sign are passionate, motivated, and confident leader.

4. Taurus: Bucky Barns:

Bucky was Steve’s best friend and the most iconic sidekick of the Marvel history. He had always been with Captain America, till he was take and transformed into the Winter Soldier. People with sign are practical, stoic, determined, ambitious and materialistic.


5. Gemini: Rick Jones:

Rick is a sidekick that has worked besides many heroes like the Hulk as well as the Avengers and also Captain America. He was introduced in the Hulk’s comics as the person behind Bruce Banners condition. People with this zodiac sign are smart, sharp and speedy.

6. Cancer: Jack Flag:


Yet another sidekick of Captain America Jack Flag has also been a hero for a very long time he worked with Cap as a hotline when he was just a kid. Later he went to the serpent society by himself, thus creating a lot of fans resulting him to gain superpowers. People with this sign are emotional, nurturing, and highly intuitive, as well as sensitive and at times insecure.

7. Leo: Jubilee:

She is a joyful and iconic character in the X-Men Universe, she first appeared in the 90’s and had been a sidekick to Wolverine for a very long time creating a father/daughter relationship. People with this sign are delighted to embrace their royal status, Vivacious, theatrical, and passionate,


8. Virgo: Old Lace:

 Old Lace is one of the most loyal sidekick one could ever have. She’s a genetically engineered dinosaur with connections to one of the Runaways, she is the best sidekick to Gert. People with this sign are perfectionists, meticulous and single-minded.

9. Libra: Sun Girl


Sun girl had been the sidekick to the Fantastic Four and specially the Human Torch. There are actually two women who were Sun Girl in the marvel comic history i.e. Mary Mitchell and Selah Burke. People with this sign are Diplomatic, Fair, Idealistic, Social, Clever, Indecisive, Non-Confrontational and Self-Pitying.

10. Scorpio: Falcon:

Falcon, aka Sam Wilson he plays an important role in marvel universe and being a sidekick to Captain America is one of them. Sam has been a loyal friend and ally almost from the very moment that he met cap. People with this zodiac have incredible willpower, resolve, grit and tenacity.


11. Sagittarius: Groot:

Groot is one of the members of the Guardians of the Galaxy and has been a good companion/sidekick to Rocket. Though fans don’t see him as a sidekick they believe he is a hero, still there are reason for him being in this list. People with this sign are Honest, Adventurous, Optimistic, Independent and Philosophical.

12. Capricorn: Wong:


Since the age of four Wong has been a faithful sidekick to the Ancient One  and after his death he started working with Doctor Strange and has been with him since then with only few expectations. He is exceptionally knowledgeable, and more than capable of handling any situation on his own He is also disciplined and cautious, as well as confident with his beliefs. People with this zodiac sign are responsible, courageous, and hardworking and one can rely on them truly.



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