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‘Batfleck literally deflected a bullet off his cowl’: Ben Affleck’s Batman Fans Get Roasted for Trolling Robert Pattinson, Claiming The Batman Made Him ‘Too Bulletproof’

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Matt Reeves’ The Batman was released this year to a lot of praise and acclaim despite the criticism of its tedious three-hour-long runtime. While DC fans may be present at the theaters, it also included many people who were going to the movies merely because Robert Pattinson is in it, can’t blame them!

While many DC fans despise the intrusion of Pattinson fans into the DCU fandom, they’re not any less guilty with literal fan followings developing around an actor’s time playing a character. This very much includes the peeps who prefer Ben Affleck as Batman rather than Pattinson, and yes, these two fanbases are currently still debating on who’s the better Bruce Wayne.

Batman FandomWire
Robert Pattinson as Batman

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Batfleck Fans Shut Down After Trying To Bring Down Robert Pattinson’s Batman

Recently, reports came out regarding Michael Keaton’s return as Batman in the DCU. The report says that he will once again be let down by the higher-ups at DC Studios as his screen time in The Flash gets reduced.

Regardless, the higher-ups at DC (and Warner Bros.), namely David Zaslav, James Gunn, and Peter Safran are not too fond of having an aged Bruce Wayne in their DCU roster either.

Batman FandomWire
Ben Affleck as Batman

It hasn’t been an eventful return for Keaton, even after officially signing up for a comeback after almost 3 decades. This now leaves us with only two actors in the DCU roster who have done quite a good job playing the Bat.

Robert Pattinson is the newcomer in the DCU, and Ben Affleck had been running the show ever since Christian Bale left the role after The Dark Knight Rises. Naturally, comparisons came up assessing the performances of these two actors as the billionaire vigilante.

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But the most recent round of debate about one being better than the other has turned in favor of the Battinson (Pattinson’s fandom name for his Batman role) army, who have taken no time in roasting an audacious joke from Batfleck (also Affleck’s fandom name for his Batman role) fans about the former being bulletproof-

Superman’s lasers are definitely stronger than a bullet-

Holy pictorial evidence-

Snap back to reality-

Plot armor too! –

Two sides to a coin-

For real-

It’d be a safe bet to say that these two fanbases are gonna have at it for a long period of time, unless and until there’s only one last bat standing.

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A Batman VR Game Is In The Works, According To Leaks

If the Batman: Arkham trilogy wasn’t enough for fans of the all-black character to feel like the man himself, then there’s a possible upgraded experience coming their way according to an industry leak.

Janko Roettgers has leaked an FTC court document note that details Iron Man VR game developer Camouflaj’s plans to make a new VR game based on the DC character, possibly as an attempt to entice the DC fans after winning over Marvel fans with the Iron Man VR game.

Batman FandomWire

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It’s apparently being made for the Meta Quest headset, which is, a Virtual Reality headset. This is surely going to enhance the experience of beating up thugs and DC villains for Batman fans to a whole new level, but only patience will reveal if it lives up to expectations.

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