‘When will they cancel The Flash?’: WB Shelving Batgirl Creates Online Warzone, Fans Claim DC Won’t Cancel Ezra Miller Because He’s White

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The DC Fandom went wild after Warner Bros. shelved the upcoming Batgirl film on HBO Max even after the filming was almost completed. As a huge number of fans started speculating about which other projects can come under the eyes of the studio for cancellation, a lot of people on the other hand got extremely infuriated. Some of them even questioned the studio about why they went on Batgirl when there were movies like Flash whose actor is involved in massive legal troubles.

Batgirl gets shelved
Leslie Grace as Batgirl for DCEU

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The Directors left a heartfelt note:

Soon after Batgirl got shelved, it was revealed that the new CEO of Warner Bros. David Zaslav implemented some cost-cutting techniques. And according to the sources, Batgirl received a poor reception during its test screening, forcing the studio to cancel the Leslie Grace starrer.


The movie set for an HBO Max release was about to introduce Barbara Gordon’s Batgirl in DCEU. It was directed by Adil El Arbi and Billal Fallah, the director duo who recently garnered praise for directing Ms. Marvel. Following the announcement from the studio, the directors shared a heartfelt note regarding the cancellation.

The Batgirl directors share a heartfelt note
The note shared by the Batgirl directors

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As soon as the directors dropped their statement, the fans started to pour love and support for them, some even starting to use hashtags, re-igniting the Snyder Cut memories. With such a large number of fans standing with the HBO Max movie, it is a very alarming sign for the Warner Brothers and their future with DC movies.


‘Why not Flash?’ asked the DC Fans:

Batgirl film axed
Ezra Miller’s The Flash

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Amidst the Batgirl controversy, one of the most important questions asked by the fans is why they opted for Batgirl first when there was a movie with an actor who is legally a criminal now. Some even added a racist angle to the whole fiasco by saying that the Flash movie is spared because the actor Ezra Miller is white-skinned.

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It is a very notable fact that if Batgirl would have been released, it could have introduced a lot of diversity in the DCEU being the movie led by a Dominican actress. Now with so many fans displeased with the decisions of WB, the superhero franchise needs a proper direction and storyline to gain back the love from the audience.

The Flash is slated to be released on June 23, 2023

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