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‘Hope Leslie Grace Gets Some Form of Justice’: DC Fans Show Support for Batgirl’s Return After Reports Claim Ben Affleck’s Batman Movie Script Had Batgirl

The recent changes in Warner Bros. Discovery with the new chief David Zaslav have been quite noticeable in the eye of the public. The studio got tremendous backlash for canceling Batgirl even though the shooting of $90 million had already been completed. Now, a recent report states that Leslie Grace can return as Batgirl in a Batman film.

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Leslie Grace as Batgirl in the now canceled Batgirl.
Leslie Grace as Batgirl in the now canceled Batgirl.

Batman’s script calls for a Batgirl

According to recent rumors, Ben Affleck’s script for Batman also had the role of a Batgirl present for an actress to fill.

David Zaslav was the reason behind Batgirl's cancellation.
David Zaslav was the reason behind Batgirl’s cancellation.

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Fans, after finding out the report, took to Twitter in support of Leslie Grace that she may get a little amount of justice by making the Batman movie happen in which the actress would play the role of Batgirl.

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The need for Batgirl to be shelved

It was a major shock to the entire crew of the film that had dedicated much energy and time to the project of Batgirl. The shooting of a whopping $90 million had already been done before the new chief of Warner Bros. Discovery, David Zaslav canceled the film without any hopes for the film to be saved.

Leslie Grace was the Batgirl before its cancellation.
Leslie Grace was the Batgirl before its cancellation.

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Soon after, the president gave a little note on the reasons for the cancellation of the film.

“We’re not going to launch a movie until it’s ready. We’re not going to launch a movie to make a quarter, and we’re not going to put a movie out unless we believe in it.”

said David Zaslav. Multiple sources state that Zaslav is more interested in the core of the DC comics such as Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman. He also stated that the initial test screenings of the movie received a negative response from the audience as well as himself and therefore, he decided to shelve the film.

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Source: Twitter