Batman Arkham Knight Adds Robert Pattinson’s The Batman Suit As Part of a Free Update

The latest update lets players experience the game in the iconic Robert Pattinson batsuit.

Batman Arkham Knight Adds Robert Pattinson’s The Batman Suit As Part of a Free Update


  • There was a recent update for Batman Arkham Knight.
  • The update adds the Robert Pattinson bat-suit from 2022 movie.
  • The update is currently only available to owners of the title on Epic Games Store.
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Batman Arkham Knight was a fitting epilogue to one of the best, if not the best, Superhero videogame series of all time. The game was released in 2015 and had a rocky launch. Especially on the PC, the game was rife with optimisation issues and game-breaking bugs, which affected the experience.


However, over time, the game received many updates. All these helped gamers feel like the Caped Crusader in the most in-depth Batman game without hiccups. The game also had iconic performances from the late Kevin Conroy as Batman, Mark Hamill as Joker, and John Noble as Scarecrow.

The game featured the late Kevin Conroy reprising his role as Batman for the second last time before his tragic demise in 2022. The newest update for the 2015 game features the bat-suit from The Batman (2022), directed by Matt Reeves and starring Robert Pattinson.


A Surprise Update for Batman Arkham Knight Delights Batman Fans Everywhere

A Screenshot from Batman: Arkham Knight equipped with the 2022 Robert Pattinson Movie (The Batman) suit.
A screenshot from Batman Arkham Knight equipped with the 2022 Robert Pattinson Movie (The Batman) suit.

As seen in the screenshot above, the bat suit from Robert Pattinson’s movie Batman Arkham Knight is very much in line with the actual footage from the film. Surprisingly, this was released as a free update for the game. That is because the game has had additional downloadable content suits. The only difference is that they were available to purchase separately.

Before the developers officially release the suit in the update. Fans have requested the update since the film’s release. Before the 2022’s The Batman suit was dismissed, the game also had suits from The Dark Knight (2008), Batman V Superman(2016) and Batman(1989).

Before the Robert Pattinson Batman movie suit was officially released by Rocksteady recently. Fans imagined how the suit would fit in the grim and grotesque world of Batman Arkham Knight. It was to the extent that fans had also created mods to make the suit playable in the game.


Since importing custom suit models in the game wasn’t possible, the fans resorted to reskinning already available suits. However, fans ruled out that there would be an official update from Rocksteady this late.

This was also because of Rocksteady’s upcoming title, Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League, is currently in the pipeline. The game is scheduled for release in early 2024 after multiple delays. Nevertheless, fans did create concept art of the suit in the game.

The update was released for selected players who had bought the game on Epic Games. Some gamers who own the title on Epic Games Store cannot seem to find the suit. However, owners of the game who have purchased the game on platforms like Steam, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 should receive the update soon to maintain uniformity.


Was the Free Robert Pattinson Suit Update Meant to Coincide With Batman Arkham Knight’s Release for the Switch?

Batman: Arkham Trilogy Cover for the Nintendo Switch
Batman Arkham Trilogy Cover for the Nintendo Switch

An official announcement by Rocksteady didn’t follow the Batman Arkham Knight update featuring Robert Pattinson’s suit from his movie. This is definitely surprising on the developer’s part, as even the most minor updates and patches nowadays get patch notes.

The impromptu nature of the update has some people believing that the update was meant to coincide with the game’s release for the Switch as a part of the Batman Arkham Trilogy for the Nintendo Switch.

The three-game bundle was supposed to be released this fall for the switch but was delayed to ensure that there are no jagged edges for the same. It is plausible that the suit update was supposed to be a launch day release with the Batman Arkham Trilogy in December.


This theory is also solidified by the fact that all owners of the title could not seem to access the suit after the news broke out on Twitter and X. So, this might be an accidental early release of an update.

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