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5 Ways Batman Begins Bruce Wayne Is Different Than In The Dark Knight

As in Batman Begins, Bruce Wayne is a mature figure who has started over. If you’ve seen Batman Begins, you’ll know that Bruce still uses his wealth to buy what he needs or wants. However, the difference is that he tries to be a hero without the need for personal gain. By doing this, Bruce began to allow his past to be eclipsed by his present. After realizing how much money he had amassed, Bruce Wayne sought ways to spend it on good deeds rather than himself. How people can change themselves without really trying is also one of the major themes in Batman Begins. Here are 5 ways Batman Begins Bruce Wayne Is Different Than In The Dark Knight. 

1. Previously, Bruce never exposed himself. He used to fight criminals during the night in Gotham when he was usually not visible. However, Bruce Wayne is more willing to expose Batman in bright, public spaces now, such as Harvey Dent’s fundraiser. 

Batman Begins

2. When he kills, it’s not like how there is no remorse in The Dark Knight because it’s all about Batman and how terrible Harvey Dent was. But when Bruce kills in Batman Begins, it might be deliberate, but there is still an element of regret and sadness which is very different from his portrayal in the movie.

3. When riding away from Rachel Dawes after she realizes he’s Bruce Wayne, he doesn’t have any reaction to her. Instead, he just turns and rides away instead of slamming on his break or looking back at her as he does in The Dark Knight. And instead of slowing down to see if she’s following him, which was implied by Rachel Dawes doing it earlier, he speeds up and leaves without looking back.

4. Despite the possibility of doubt, Bruce knew he was making the right decision in Batman Begins. Whereas in The Dark Knight, he is primarily full of self-doubt. His dilemma gets even more potent after Rachel’s tragic death. Thanks to Alfred that he reminded Bruce that he is the last hope of Gotham. 

Batman Begins

5. Bruce remained a socially awkward creature though he realized that Batman alone could not defeat crime. So Bruce started making friends and allies to help him with his mission to fight crime. However previously he was a one-man show. But before Harvey’s unfortunate downfall, Bruce was happy to share the spotlight with him. 

Batman Begins

So these were the 5 ways Bruce Wayne from Batman Begins is different from in The Dark Knight. Let us know in the comment section if we missed any. 

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Written by FandomWire Staff