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Batman: Every Major Love Interest Of Bruce Wayne

Batman’s love life reassures us that there is an element of humanity in him. The Caped-Crusader is often seen as a lone wolf who breeds repentance and despair under his hard exterior. But his romantic relationships in the past prove that the man, often perceived as cold and a playboy, is capable of love. Almost every Dark Knight movie has introduced us to his romantic partners previously. This has left fans with questions regarding his love interest in the upcoming movie “The Batman”, featuring Robert Pattinson. So far, we know that Zoe Kravitz will play Catwoman, one of his rivals and frequent romantic partners in previous movies and comic books. The makers are yet to shed more light on this matter. Meanwhile, let us dive into the prime love interests of Bruce Wayne.

Vicki Vale

Kim Basinger’s Vicki Vale had swooned over fans with her charm and strong presence. She appeared in Tim Burton’s classic hit “Batman” as a photographer at Gotham Globe. Her quest to uncover Batman’s identity led her to Bruce Wayne and also subjected her to the Joker’s obsession. This endearing couple went through hell as Joker nearly pushed Vicki in the face of death plenty of times. Unable to accept Bruce’ duality, she chose to leave him and Gotham.

Selina Kyle

If we had to choose the hottest and most exciting chemistry in Batman’s quest, it would be between Bruce and Selina. Even though they were on the opposing sides of the law, both battled a tragic past and led dual lives. She is an outlaw known as Catwoman. Her cunning and deceitful skills totally complement Bruce’s detective mind, thus rendering a playful and fun bond between the two. Catwoman was brought into life in two movies; “Batman Returns” by Michelle Pfeiffer and “The Dark Knight Rises” by Anne Hathaway. We can’t wait to find out how this pair works out in the upcoming “The Batman” of Matt Reeves.

Miranda Tate

It is not easy to beat the clever detective of Gotham. But Miranda Tate, aka Talia al Ghul, successfully deceived the Caped Crusader and also gave him a pretty tough time. She infiltrated Bruce Enterprises as an elite and empowered board member. Bruce couldn’t resist this charm and bold persona and ended up getting intimate with her. But to his shock, Miranda’s true identity was Talia al Ghul, daughter of one of his biggest foes, Ra’s al Ghul. It turned out that she also kept Bruce under the dark like her father and worked towards one aim- to take down Gotham City.

Poison Ivy

By now, we all understand Batman’s twisted taste in romance. One of his many unique relationships existed with Poison Ivy. It started as one-side when she used to influence his feelings with a kiss of poison. But the sham gradually turned real for a short period when the two joined teams to fight for Gotham.

Rachel Dawes

Out of all his romances, the most real and heart-warming story stars Rachel Dawes. They were childhood friends whose bond had eventually burgeoned into a romantic affair. What they had, went beyond mere attraction. But Bruce’s secrets drove away Rachel and landed her up with Harvey Dent. It was ironic that Bruce buried the same secrets, his alter-ego after it became the very cause of Rachel’s death in “The Dark Knight”.

Diana Prince

One of the most popular and talked-about romantic adventures of the Caped Crusader is the one with Wonder Woman. Both the DC heroes and members of Justice League have caught each other’s eyes during several battles. Unlike other women, Diana Pence aka Wonder Woman inspired humanity and respect out of Bruce with her kindness, bravery and formidable strength.

Andrea Beaumont

Andrea was one of the earliest romantic partners of Bruce before he donned the cape. She was introduced in the widely admired “Batman: The Animated Series” where they also got engaged. Bruce became the saviour of Gotham soon after Andrea left to aid her father. The two crossed paths again later, only for Batman to find out that his former fiancé had changed into Phantasm to avenge her father’s death.

Dr. Chase Meridian

Dr Chase Meridian, portrayed by Nicole Kidman, was created to pump in romance in Joel Schumacher’s “Batman Forever”. She was a psychologist specializing in Multiple Personality Disorder whose heart was captured by Batman’s enigmatic persona.

Silver St. Cloud

This love interest belonged to the Silver St. Cloud, a member of the elite class of Gotham City, just like Bruce Wayne. Not only did she share a lot in common with the billionaire, but she also understood him on a deeper level. She loved Bruce even after finding out his alter ego as Batman. But Silver eventually left him as she couldn’t see herself constantly worrying about his life.

Julie Madison

Julie Madison is another comic book character who got the big screen in “Batman & Robin”. She is a socialite and an actress whose role was limited to a damsel-in-distress for Batman to rescue and a short-lived romantic partner of Bruce.



Written by Ipshita Barua