Batman Reimagined As A Steampunk Superhero

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“It’s not who I am underneath, but what I do that defines me.”- Batman

If there is a crime in the city Batman will always be there to protect the city from the evils. As the Dark Knight is timeless and merciless for the evil he will always exist. Square Enix and Sideshow Collectibles are happy to announce their new creation that is a new Play Arts KAI figure that goes beyond time and space, which is inspired by the tremendous sci-fi sub-type of steampunk. And the good news for the fans is that this steampunk game includes a new Batman suit fused with steampunk concept. This series is based in the 90’s had have a steam powered technology in Batman’s suite the design offers Batman to transcend through space and time. The materials used in this suite along with fine sculpting and paintwork makes this Bat suite a unique one and with the steam-powered technology that batman has infused in this masterpiece. Imagine how cool and badass Batman is going to be in this costume, sounds interesting lets hop right into it and have a look at Batman’s extraordinary Steampunk costume of the 90’s.


1. Steampunk Batman Action Figure:


2. Steampunk Fused With Machines To Create Batman:

3. The 90’s Steampunk Batman:


4. The Hunter Schulz Steampunk Batman:


5. Steampunk Batman Made By R-Tan:

6. Steampunk Batman And Robin:


7. Steampunk Owlman:


8. Royal Steampunk Batman:

9. Steampunk Thomas Wayne Batman:


10. Classic Steampunk Batman:


11. Square Enix Variant Batman:

12. The Bat Steampunk Batman!!


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