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Batman Shuts Down After Threat From His Butler Alfred And It’s Hilarious

Batman Shuts Down After Threat From His Butler Alfred And Its Hilarious

Bruce Wayne, also known as Batman, is one of DC Universe’s smartest and most skilled superheroes, but it seems that Alfred Pennyworth, his butler, knows how to shut him down.

Alfred Butler Batman
Alfred Pennyworth

Batman is quite busy with the ongoing alien attack on Earth. His fellow Justice League heroes, Green Lantern and Superman, are out of sight, and he is left to command the team against the alien space crafts. In a dark turn of events, all of Batman’s companions were obliterated – Flash, Wonder Woman, and Cyborg – leaving the guy to save the planet from alien attack.

This Is How Alfred Threatened The Batman

Batman: Fortress #3, created by Greg Whitta and Darick Robertson, sees Bruce return to his headquarters with Cyborg’s decapitated head. He tries to access his memories, and the Bat spends the night burning the midnight oil. His butler, Alfred, said there are no more coffees to brew because he consumed it all. The guy would not take a break, not even stop for a while to blink, so Alfred came up with a very threatening remark:

Please don’t make me change the Wi-Fi password.”

Alfred Pennyworth Comics Batman
Batman: Fortress #3

That was all it took to stop Bruce from his painful labor. Because everything is on the web, all of his library of information is secured on his online storage. To think that Alfred managed to threaten Bruce by cutting off his Internet is genius and hilarious at the same time. Alfred is more than just a butler to Bruce, but a loyal friend, too. He cares about his health because he knows that Bruce is workaholic and unstoppable.

Although losing Internet connectivity is the least of Batman’s problems, it is still essential if he needs to strategize a plan on defeating these aliens. However, one cannot properly work if they abuse themselves, and certainly, Alfred knows that.

Written by Ariane Cruz

Content writer at FandomWire.