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Batman Throughout The Years From Lewis Wilson To Robert Pattinson

The Evolution of Batman

“You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become a villain.” – Batman

The World’s Greatest Detective has, over the years, been played by many actors from the Hollywood industry than any other superhero has ever been! Nine, to be exact.

And not to mention the numerous TV and animated series that has featured this Caped Crusader.

Batman is described as one of the smartest, frondeur superheroes of the entire DC Universe.

Created by two friends Bob Kane and Bill Finger, in the year 1939. Through the course of his regime in the DC universe, we know how the billionaire, playboy Bruce Wayne becomes Batman.

We have seen him played by several actors over time from being performed by the finest actors in the Hollywood industry from Adam West to Ben Affleck. 

But recently, there will be a new face behind the mask of this most badass superhero, played by no other than Robert Pattinson. 

On the occasion of Robert Pattinson becoming the new Batman the DC Movies, we at Fandomwire have decided to look back at the actors who have portrayed the Dark Knight throughout the years.

1. Lewis Wilson:

Lewis Wilson was the first actor who played Batman on the big screen in the year 1943.

He was the youngest and least experienced actor to play the role of Batman, who was the least remembered.

Batman 1943

2. Robert Lowery:

Robert Lowery was the second actor who was chosen for the role of Batman in the year 1949.

He was the first Batman actor to have done a crossover in another story-line, appearing in the episodes of the Adventures of Superman in the year 1956.

Batman%20and%20Robin 1949

3. Adam West:

Adam West has been behind the mask for almost 3 years i.e., from 1966-1968.

He completely changed and bought more approaches to the character. He got a lot of mixed responses from fans on his portrayal as Batman, but still managed to this as one of the most iconic Batman of All times.

Batman 1966 1968

4. Michael Keaton:

Michael Keaton was the fourth option to play as Batman, and till the year 1989, he was the Cape Crusader.

When it was announced that Michael will be playing the dark night, fans were worried as the character would yet again be disgraced.

But eventually, after the release of the movie, fans were thrilled by Keaton’s performance.

Batman 1989

5. Val Kilmer:

The year was 1995 when actor Val Kilmer was cast to play Batman in the movie Batman Forever. He didn’t seem to leave his mark for the role of Batman.

He became the least memorable contemporary Batman Of The DC Universe.

Batman%20Forever 1995

6. George Clooney :

George Clooney was one of the best actors.
They played Batman very well in 1997 but got the worst movie, which made his portrayal look decent.

The movie had some horrible one-liners, with an overstuffed cast and rather spunky Bat-suit. But Clooney still manages to get away with his acting.

Batman%20&%20Robin 1997

7. Christian Bale:

Christian Bale played the role of Batman from 2005 till 2012. With Christopher Nolan becoming the Director of the Batman movies casting Christian Bale, Batman got a more good arc across three films.

This phase of the character was even darker and more appealing than the rest of the Batman movies.

The%20Dark%20Knight%20Rises 2012

8. Ben Affleck:

Ben Affleck wore the mask of Batman from 2016 to 2017.

And just like Kilmer, Ben also had to fill in some big bat-shoes, and he did an excellent job in portraying both the physical and psychological confusion this Batman was going to face.

But Affleck did an excellent job playing him with the heavest Bat-suit on.

Batman%20v%20Superman%20Dawn%20of%20Justice 2016

9. Robert Pattinson:

Not much can be said by Robert Pattinson’s Batman as he has recently been taken to play the role of Batman in a younger version.

It’s gonna be scripted by Matt Reeves and Warner Bros. We are not sure how he is going to render behind the mask.

All the questions related to Batman will be answered very soon when his movie will hit the theaters in 2021.

The%20Batman 2021


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Written by FandomWire Staff

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