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Batman Villains Who Actually Did The Impossible & Redeemed Themselves

Batman Villains Who Actually Did The Impossible Redeemed Themselves

Batman isn’t like any other superheroes; he has different stories and methods. The same goes for his adversaries. Likewise, Batman’s villains are not like ordinary villains. They have seen their share of stories. This article is all about Batman Villains Who Redeemed Themselves.

1. The Joker in Batman: Last Knight On Earth– Set in a post-apocalyptic world, Batman wakes up on a hospital bed. Soon, Alfred Pennyworth, his most trusted friend, betrays him. Then, Batman starts his journey around the annihilated Gotham. He soon discovers Joker – but only his head – packed in a jar. As the story concludes, Joker attaches his head to a mechanical body. Now that the apocalypse has changed him, he decides not to be the villain and becomes the new Robin.

The Joker in Batman: Last Knight On Earth

2. Harley Quinn in Joker War– The Joker is trying to destroy Batman’s reputation, which rages war on Gotham. Batman and his Bat-family fight with Joker and his gang. In the end, Batman and Joker fight face-to-face, and when Joker is about to kill Batman, Harley Quinn comes and shoots Joker in his eye. Both Batman and the readers were surprised by this moment, making Harley Quinn one of the Batman Villains Who Redeemed Themselves.

harley quinn batman joker war

3. Two-Face in Batman Vs. Two-Face – Two-face completely takes over Harvey Dent when he straps Batman and Robin. Two-Face then invites Joker, Riddler, Penguin, and other villains to his auction for Batman’s true identity. Hopefully, Catwoman saves Batman and Robin. In the end, Batman fights with Two-Face, and somehow Harvey takes control of his body and leaves Two-Face behind for good.

Two-Face in Batman Vs. Two-Face

4. Mr. Freeze in Arkham Knight: The Season of Infamy – Batman discovers that the Militia, the antagonist military, gathers near the harbor. He leaves to investigate and finds a giant ship called “The Nora”. Inside it, Batman discovers Mr. Freeze working for the Militia. He explains to Batman that Militia has kidnapped his wife Nora and that he should find her. Batman then finds Nora, who has come out from the ice after a decade. However, Nora can only live for a few days due to her illness. Hence, Mr. Freeze and Nora decide to take the ship and live Nora’s last days peacefully.

Mr. Freeze in Arkham Knight

5. The Ventriloquist in New Batman Adventures – Arnold Wesker, aka The Ventriloquist, is released from Arkham Asylum. He has completed his rehabilitation and is now free of Scarface’s evil persona. But, Scarface’s gang wants their boss back, and they try to get Scarface in control. Hopefully, Batman and Batgirl team up to ensure that Arnold’s evil personality doesn’t take control and that Gotham remains in peace.

The Ventriloquist in New Batman Adventures

6. Catwoman in Batman: Hush – The story starts when Batman rescues a boy kidnapped by Killer Croc. There, Catwoman arrives and steals the ransom for the boy. Batman then follows her, but he falls to the ground, injuring his skull. He gets treated and discovers that Poison Ivy used her psychotic abilities to control Catwoman to get the ransom. Catwoman is enraged after hearing this. Then, Batman and Catwoman leave to find Poison Ivy, and in the journey, a romance develops between them. Finally, this journey leads to Catwoman leaving crime for good and joining the Bat-family.

Catwoman in Batman: Hush

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