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Battlestar Galactica’s Katee Sackhoff Shirtless Handstand Challenge

Are you looking out to pass your time during the current lockdown scenario? Here is a fantastic challenge to beat your time and learn something new. A recent trend that seems to be doing the rounds is the Handstand challenge by Katee Sackhoff.

Katee’s Handstand Challenge Seems Trending

A still of the star Katee

A lot of creative ideas for beating the ideal time during the lockdown can be seen surfacing on the internet—the reason being the current coronavirus pandemic. The handstand challenge is the latest addition.

In his recent challenge, the Battlestar Galactica’s star performs a shirtless handstand. Recently, she posted a video on Instagram that highlights how breathtakingly she has completed the handstand challenge. She has entered into her beast mode and seems quite happy while doing the challenge.

She has worn her sports bra along with her sports shorts and performing the stunt. People have gone crazy seeing how brilliantly she has completed the stunt with so much grace. Along with her, she has her pets, too, who is accompanying her in the background.

A Bundle of Talent

Katee Sackoff’s new Handstand challenge

The challenging part of the latest stunt is the shirtless aspect. The challenge was led by Laura Vandervoort, who further challenged Katie to perform the stunt and post in on her Instagram page. Katie has also nominated other celebrities.

People have immensely loved the way she keeps herself fit. The handstand performed by her seems She can be seen performing the handstand challenge with so much ease that anyone would get motivated to do the same.  

Some celebrities who sparked a funny moment through the challenge include Jake Gyllenhaal and Ryan Reynolds. Katee Sackoff is also seen to be part of Netflix Series ‘Another Life’ which is said to be in its second season. 

Fitness is her Life

A fit Katee Sackoff to feature in Another Life series

Earlier, she also played the role of Amunet Black in The Flash and is highly impressed with her role. It would be interesting to see how many people will accept this unique challenge. 

Here’s how Katee has been performing her workouts while at home :

Source : comicbook, YouTube

Written by Neal Johnson

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