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Batwoman Edited Out of Crisis On Infinite Earths Scene

Batwoman Edited Out Of A 'Crisis On Infinite Earths Scene' On The CW
Batwoman Edited Out Of A 'Crisis On Infinite Earths Scene' On The CW

A scene showing Ruby Rose’s Batwoman has been edited out from an Arrowverse special of Crisis of Infinite Earths. As we know, the previous year was full of shakeups for the DC TV universe with Arrow coming to an end with its final season. However, the franchise still managed to come with its biggest crossover yet. After years of build-up, the Arrowverse finally adapted the Crisis on Infinite Earths storyline. The event also featured many cameos from major players in other DC TV shows to highlight the bigger live-action multiverse.

This event also acted as a reset for the Arrowverse as it went forward. However, fans saw another big change with the end of Batwoman season 1. After playing Kate Kane for more than a year, Rose parted ways with The CW. This further led to the creation of Ryan Wilder who is set to become the new Batwoman played by Javicia Leslie. However, what happened to Kate remains a mystery as she disappeared at the beginning of the second season of Batwoman.

Batwoman Edited Out

This week also saw the premiere of Superman and Lois, following which a special 30-minute special featuring the producer and cast of the Arrowverse was aired by The CW. This showed a clip segment with different moments from Arrowverse shows across their previous seasons. This also included q scene from the Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover. The scene comes from the fifth hour of the crossover and shows Earth Prime’s Justice League. However, Rose’s Batwoman is nowhere to be seen in the scene. Whereas the original scene shows her between White Canary and Martian Mindhunter.

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Batwoman Before

Batwoman After

For now, it is unknown why a scene featuring Rose was edited from Crisis on Infinite Earths as even if Rose is no longer a part of the franchise, she was still present in that very moment in the crossover. In any way, it will be very awkward to simply erase the character of Rose from the continuity.

While Kate may never return as Batwoman, it doesn’t seem right to simply erase her history before the departure of Rose. The show also showcased Leslie’s Batwoman who seems fit to play the new lead of the series.

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Written by Ryan Lee