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Batwoman: Javicia Leslie Dazzles As Ryan Wilder In Full Costume

Making her first appearance in the Arrowverse crossover event Elseworlds, Batwoman appeared as a surprising ally to Oliver Queen and Barry Allen when the duo arrived in Gotham City. The bat-themed vigilante quickly made headlines with actor Ruby Rose at the helm. The character soon starred in her own show, set in CW’s DC universe.


As one of the major queer characters, Kate Kane/Batwoman is an openly lesbian superhero. Ruby Rose, who played the role of Kate Kane received backlash on social media for identifying herself as gender fluid. After the completion of the first season, Ruby Rose shockingly left the show due to multiple reasons.

Ruby Rose as Batwoman

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In a favorable creative decision, the showrunners have decided to make Kate Kane disappear, instead of retiring the character from the show. In her place, Javicia Leslie was cast as an entirely new character of Ryan Wilder, who will be donning the costume of Batwoman in the upcoming second season.

Javicia Leslie as Batwoman

Despite low viewership, the show has been fortunately renewed for a second season. As a replacement of the Dark Knight himself, Batwoman is an exciting foray into the dark streets of Gotham City. In the Elseworlds crossover event, it was established that Bruce Wayne/Batman has been missing for a few years, prompting Kate Kane to become Gotham’s beacon of hope in Batman’s absence.

With Ruby Rose’s exit, casting Javicia Leslie, an openly bisexual actor in the role of Batwoman is the right move. As the comic-book genre is dominating the industry, the need for representation and inclusivity has never been more important. With Javicia Leslie, an African-American actor who is openly bisexual, the iconic character of Batwoman is in safe hands.

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In their latest post on Twitter, CW’s Batwoman has revealed Javicia Leslie in her full glory as Ryan Wilder. Donning the full costume with the iconic red Bat-insignia on her chest, Javicia Leslie dazzles as the worthy replacement of Ruby Rose.

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Earlier, we at Fandomwire had confirmed that Shivani Ghai would be appearing in the second season of Batwoman. As per reports, Shivani Ghai is set to play the role of Safiyah, a benevolent ruler of the island of Coryana. The show might explore the same-sex relationship between Safiyah and her loyal henchwoman Tatiana, who has a crush on Safiyah.

The second season of Batwoman is scheduled to premiere in January 2021.