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Batwoman Star Javicia Leslie Will Be Playing Evil Batman/Flash Hybrid ‘Red Death’ in The Flash Season 9

Batwoman Star Javicia Leslie Will Be Playing Evil Batman/Flash Hybrid 'Red Death'

When Ruby Rose’s portrayal of Kate Kane as the new vigilante to play Batwoman got its second season renewed, Rose left the TV series by then. Javicia Leslie would fill in the boots of Kane after the invention of a new character for the TV series, coming on as ex-con Ryan Wilder.

Ruby Rose’s departure meant that the writing department would have to fill in the main role, but instead of simply replacing the actor they went on to create a whole new character named Ryan Wilder. Javicia Leslie did a pretty neat job of portraying Wilder as the new face of Batman, but those days are gone and she’s portraying another related character now!

Javicia Leslie FandomWire
Javicia Leslie

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Batwoman Star Javicia Leslie Rumored To Be On For Flash Season Nine

Ryan Wilder as a character was met with praise by critics for having significantly improved the character of Batwoman in the show after Ruby Rose’s departure. Most of the recent applause went towards the enhancement of Batwoman’s dynamics as a person, like how the second season delved much more into the relationship between Wilder and Gotham’s infamous villain Beth Kane/Alice.

Javicia Leslie FandomWire
Javicia Leslie as Batwoman

It’s been 1 and a half years since her debut as Ryan Wilder, and Javicia Leslie is now back again in another CW show. The production of CW’s ninth season of The Flash is currently underway as filming takes place for the highly-rated CW show based on the character of the same name.

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Every superhero needs a villain, Barry Allen will be getting more of them as a new antagonist is about to be introduced in season 9 of The Flash, and they will be an unlikely candidate. Javicia Leslie, who plays Ryan Wilder for two seasons in Batwoman is now slated for her return in the Arrowverse’s The Flash, she’ll be playing a villain known as the Red Death.

This news came about after Canadagraphs released set photos from the filming process of the season finale for The Flash, giving us a first peek into Leslie’s look as the character who is a mashup between Batman and the Flash-

We wonder how WB plans on executing a satisfying and well-thought-of season finale of a much-beloved TV series, let’s hope Grant Gustin gets the ending he deserves!

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Fans Divided Upon Batwoman Star Javicia Leslie Playing Red Death

Regardless of how well of a job Javicia Leslie did on her part to portray the new Batwoman as Ryan Wilder, there have been differing opinions about her work. Some like her, some don’t, and this can also be seen when you look at the fan reactions towards her being cast as the Red Death in the final season of The Flash.

Javicia Leslie FandomWire
Red Death

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Some were excited by the news of Wilder’s casting as she returns to Arrowverse, but there’s more than one opinion on the internet which aren’t in favor of the 35-year-old’s acting skills –

Let them hear it, Liam-

Red Death’s success is the collective goal!-

Didn’t bother to explain-


The seed must grow from within-

It’s quite unexpected to be seeing one of the Dark Knights adapted for The Flash, not to forget that this will be a different version of Ryan Wilder. It’s also pretty likely that this version of Wilder just happens to be from a different Earth.

The Flash is currently streaming on CW.

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