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“Because honestly, f—k that”: The Last of Us Star Melanie Lynskey Claps Back at Game Purists After HBO Adaptation Majorly Deviates from Original Story to Introduce Her Sinister War Criminal Character

“Because honestly, f—k that”: The Last of Us Star Melanie Lynskey Claps Back at Game Purists After HBO Adaptation Majorly Deviates from Original Story to Introduce Her Sinister War Criminal Character

Melanie Lynskey’s face is a work of art, the New Zealander has earned a reputation for herself as a slow-burning hothead in films ranging from Heavenly Creatures to Hello I Must Be Going. She has garnered increasing popularity for her performance in the schlocky and clever horror series Yellowjackets. It’s only inevitable that she’d be the newest guest star in The Last of Us, the buzziest, most apocalyptic program on the air. Her portrayal of Kathleen, a Kansas City-based resistance leader, is vintage Lynskey: kind on the surface, deadly storm beneath.

The actress has been criticized for her body and how it is not appropriate for the role of Kathleen. Lynskey clapped back at Adrianne Curry for her comments.

Adrianne Curry body shames The Last of Us star Melanie Lynskey

melanie lynskey attends the premiere of showtimes news photo 1643564148 scaled
Melanie Lynskey

The winner of America’s next top model Adrianne Curry tweeted about how Lynskey’s body is not akin to a post-apocalyptic warlord.

 “Her body says life of luxury … not post-apocalyptic [sic] warlord. Where is [The Terminator star] Linda Hamilton when you need her?” 

A snapshot of the now-deleted tweet featured a photo of Lynskey, but Curry claimed in a later tweet that she wasn’t the one who sent it. To Curry’s tweet Lynskey had a lot to say, she wrote,

“Firstly- this is a photo from my cover shoot for InStyle magazine, not a still from HBO’s The Last of Us. And I’m playing a person who meticulously planned & executed an overthrow of FEDRA. I am supposed to be SMART, ma’am. I don’t need to be muscly. That’s what henchmen are for.”

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Adrianne Curry

Curry did not step back either, she claimed that Lynskey manipulated the tweet to frame her in a negative light. Calling this unfair she clarified that her intentions were not to body shame her but to point out that she does not fit the character.

“She edited out my tweet where I said she had a perfect hour glass frame that I did not associate with warriors. Actors taking character criticism as personal attacks is mind blowing,” 

Curry wrote in a separate tweet,

“She cropped out what I said about her perfect hour glass frame being the most desirable to men. Seems quite manipulative. Also, she is NOT her character.”

Fans continue to criticize Curry for her problematic remarks on Lynskey’s body shape. Her character is being loved and accepted by The Last of Us fans even though very little is known about her role going forward. However, always have a notepad on her some Game Purists are not happy with her character as it was not part of the games.

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 Melanie Lynskey is happy that her character cannot be compared

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Jason Ritter Melanie-Lynskey

The Last of Us star did not stop at this, she wrote to the model and her fans how her body does not need to be muscular, she is a warlord she just needs to be smart. Muscle comes from the henchmen who work for her. In a recent interview with Variety expressing her relief that Kathleen is not in the games, it saves her a lot of comparisons.

 “I know how committed the fandom is. People can be like, ‘That doesn’t look like the person I imagined!’ So, I was grateful to not have that.”

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The actress is relieved that she does not have to justify her character because Druckmann and Mazin know what they are doing.

“None of that is my responsibility I’m there because I trust [cocreator] Craig.  And Neil is also so brilliant and was the creator of the game, and he’s on board and signing off on every decision.”

She claps back at others who think her character is unnecessary and was cast wrongly. In a big Twitter thread, she explained her reasons and addressed these criticisms

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From the looks of this, it is clear that the actress is here to stay in the show. However not much about her character has been revealed yet as she only appeared in one episode. In the following episodes, we will know more about her role in the drama.

The Last of Us is streaming on HBO Max.

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