“Because I miss Ellie”: Jenna Ortega Couldn’t Reunite With Penn Badgley’s Joe Goldberg in You Season 4 Because of Wednesday

“Because I miss Ellie”: Jenna Ortega Couldn’t Reunite With Penn Badgley’s Joe Goldberg in You Season 4 Because of Wednesday
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Wednesday, the reboot of the Addams Family on Netflix has become one of the best original TV series, Jenna Ortega in the role of Wednesday Addams was great and she played the role with great finesse and had it looked as if she is living the character. The show has become an immense success and the second season of the show has been confirmed. 

Jenna Ortega

But due to her dedication to the role and the strict requirements to play the role of Wednesday Addams, Jenna Ortega could not appear as Ellie Alves in the fourth season of Netflix’s You. The actress talked about her role in the thriller series, and why she was absent from the show.

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What did Jenna Ortega Say about her Absence in You’s Season 4?

During Screen Actors Guild- AFTRA, Jenna Ortega talked to Entertainment Online, where she talked about her absence in You Season 4, stating she was “devasted” and how much she wanted to play her role in the show.

Penn Badgley and Jenna Ortega in You
Penn Badgley and Jenna Ortega in You

“Oh I was devastated. You’re talking about Sera Gamble? Love her easily one of my favourite sets that I’ve ever ever been on I was so devastated when they reached out because I had one I-I miss Ellie and I had been wanting to go back to Ellie for such a long time, but I was in Romania shooting Wednesday and I couldn’t I-I couldn’t travel back and forth with the pandemic and everything like that and when you’re committed to a show there was just no way that it could have worked out but that one was that bummed me out. Well, I tried-I tried.”

Her dedication to Wednesday earned her a nomination in SAG-AFTRA for Female Actor in a Comedy Series. Moreover, after her role on Wednesday, the actress became an online sensation and her dance went viral earning the series more watch hours.

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What did Sera Gamble Say about Jenna Ortega’s Absence in You?

During an interview with IndieWire, Sera Gamble, the showrunner of You talked about Jenna Ortega and her rising fame, and they were meant to meet in London for the show but that show was Wednesday, which was one of the biggest shows of 2022.

“We wanted to bring Ellie back and we heard, ‘Oh, Jenna is doing some show'”. In other words, we were supposed to have Ellie in London. Of course, that show turned out to be Wednesday which was one of the biggest shows of 2022. Sera then added: “It’s been just such a pleasure to see Jenna this year.”

Sera Gamble

Gladly, Sera Gamble commented that the Wednesday actress will return in the future reprising her role as Ellie Alves when their schedule will match, and there are a few ideas about how the character would return to the show.

“We have ideas for Ellie if her schedule allows her to visit us again.”

Moreover, the actress has previously commented that she would love to play her role in You and be a bad*ss, hopefully, that actress makes plans to arrange her schedule to be in the future seasons of You.


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You can be streamed on Netflix.

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