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‘Beef’ Star David Choe Takes Down ‘R*pey Behavior’ Video Podcast With Adult Star as Actor’s Career Looks Doomed

david choe

David Choe has currently been trying his best to get out of a scandal.There was a resurfaced episode of his podcast that brought about a lot of backlash towards the actor as he said some things which extremely concerned the fans and everyone else as well. While he did try to defend and justify himself, that barely worked.

David Choe
David Choe

Now, with the videos having resurfaced, the actor has done his best to take them down once and for all. Perhaps to avoid a negative reputation. Whether or not it is too late for that might still be an ongoing question. However, the problem that he finds himself in may be difficult to get out of.

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David Choe’s Controversial Podcast Episode Resurfaced

David Choe, on his podcast DVDASA, took out an episode in 2014 called ‘Er**tion Quest.’ The episode was purely X-rated and had guest stars surrounding the same as well. Asa Akira, his co-host was also present during the episode. Choe shared a story of a time when he got a massage and things escalated.

David Choe

“The thrill of possibly going to jail, that’s what achieved the er**tion quest.”

The actor referred to how he was immediately aroused by his masseuse and how very soon he took her hand and lowered it, putting it on his intimate parts. Akira clarifies, asking whether or not Choe is admitting to r*pe. However, he simply jokes about it, stating that even if he was one, he would be successful at it. When the episode first got out, things were already seeming bad for him and he had to justify how his joke had just been a bad one and that he was not admitting to, nor had he ever r*ped anyone.

The Beef star’s co-host’s shock was already clear as to just how concerning the matter had been and soon enough, the videos resurfaced.

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David Choe Took Down The Episode

Recently, two writers, Aura Bogado and Meecham Whitson Meriweather both posted clips of the episode separately. However, these videos were taken down and both writers stated that they got emails from David Choe. The emails came via the David Young Choe Foundation and it said that the videos were ‘copyright infringement media.’

David Choe

These videos were asked to be removed immediately and cannot be found easily anymore. The videos are basically non-existent on the internet for the moment.

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Source: Variety

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