Before and After Pictures of Selena Gomez: Doctor Believes Selena Gomez Had a Breast Implant and Multiple Plastic Surgeries For Facial Transformation

Selena Gomez’s photos through the years hint at significant procedures to her face and body.

Before and After Pictures of Selena Gomez: Doctor Believes Selena Gomez Had a Breast Implant and Multiple Plastic Surgeries For Facial Transformation


  • Pop star Selena Gomez has gone through significant transformation in her physical appearance.
  • Dr Charles Lee who analyzed her facial features, believed that the star had undergone cosmetic procedures like a brow lift and rhinoplasty.
  • He was also of the opinion that Gomez got b****st implants done judging by the change in their size over the years.
  • The singer for her part, has admitted that she has had Botox but did not give specifics.
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Being a celebrity in Hollywood is not always a bed of roses. The fame and adulation that comes with being a superstar has its share of pressures like having to maintain the impossibly high standards of beauty. This has led to many stars going under the knife in an effort to retain their youthful looks and enhance their features.

Selena Gomez
Selena Gomez in The Witches of Waverly Place

Selena Gomez is a celebrity who has seen fame since the tender age of 7. From her successful stint as a child star in Barney and Friends to finding massive success as a singer and an actor later on, Gomez is a bonafide heartthrob of young adults. Over the years though, experts in the cosmetic field have speculated that the Disney actor has succumbed to plastic surgery based on her physical transformation.

Doctors Believe That Selena Gomez Has Had Plastic Surgery

From a child star to pop princess, Selena Gomez has juggled multiple worlds with ease. The innocent beauty and charm that she exudes made her one of the most popular celebrities among young adults. Over the years though, Gomez’s physical appearance has gone through a change which experts believe, is a result of the star resorting to plastic surgeries.

Selena Gomez
Selena Gomez was praised for her performance in Only Murders in the Building

While the Only Murders in the Building actor has openly admitted to getting Botox, cosmetic expert Dr Charles Lee was of the opinion that certain radical modifications to her facial features could be achieved only by going under the knife. In his analysis that appeared in The Skin Care Edit, Dr Lee said,

She’s had a surgical brow lift. You see an increase in the eyelash to brow distance combined with a reduction in her forehead wrinkles. You only get that with surgery, not with Botox.”

Dr Lee also believed that Gomez had undergone a rhinoplasty or a nose job but only on the tip of the nose judging by the shape. When analyzing her body with specific reference to the shape of her b****ts, he was certain that the star had resorted to implants.

Another expert in the field Dr Adam Schaffner commented on Gomez’s significantly fuller lips when compared to her earlier pictures as a young pop star, which pointed to extensive lip injections.


“The most noticeable difference is the shape of the lips, specifically in the Cupid’s bow,”

While the Calm Down singer’s popularity and allure proves that she will be an icon no matter how she looks, the fact remains that the pressure to conform to the specific type of beauty affects even the most self-assured celebrities like Gomez.

When Selena Gomez Proudly Owned Botox

There is a charm and relatability to Selena Gomez that has endeared her to fans across the world. Having been a household name in the entertainment industry from a very young age, the Disney alum has managed to form a close-knit bond with her fan base while becoming a role model for millions of young girls globally.

Selena Gomez
Selena Gomez has admitted to having Botox ( image courtesy: Taki Taki )

The singer is also someone who has been open about aspects of her personal life including getting a life-altering kidney transplant after being affected with Lupus. Similarly, when it came to her physical appearance, Gomez gave an honest and classy reply to a fan’s scathing criticism about cosmetic procedures.


In a now deleted Instagram post, the viewer bluntly requested the Taki Taki singer to remove her cheek implants as it messed with her brain. Without batting an eyelid, Gomez replied to the post in calm fashion (via People), and said,

“Hahahaha I’ve had Botox bb girl,”

The statement marked the first time the celebrity has publicly acknowledged having any cosmetic enhancements done. She did not reveal further details regarding the kind of Botox she used or where she had undergone it.


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