Before Career Suicide by Rejecting Avatar, Matt Damon Rejected The Dark Knight Thinking it’s a “Small role”

Before Career Suicide by Rejecting Avatar, Matt Damon Rejected The Dark Knight Thinking it's a "Small role"
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Matt Damon has been growing within the branches of Hollywood ever since his first movie. Although he did not rise into recognition immediately, that did not stop him from trying even harder. Eventually, he not only won his first Oscar, but that also helped him in making Damon one of the biggest actors in Hollywood. He has done some of the most iconic movies and his performance never disappoints.

Matt Damon
Matt Damon

Ever since he first came into the industry, he has done movies that always manage to blow the audience’s mind. His latest film, Oppenheimer, was one that fans had been patiently waiting for. He displayed his talent in the movie just as spectacularly as fans would have expected and they were more than happy for it. However, that was not the only time Matt Damon could have worked with Christopher Nolan outside of this and Interstellar.

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Matt Damon Refused To Be In Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight

Matt Damon first got an opportunity to work with Christopher Nolan when The Dark Knight was still in the making. The movie was already one which fans had been desperately waiting for and Damon was incidentally offered a role in it. Nolan had looked far and wide to get a cast that would forever be remembered, and in that list was also Damon. However, the actor did not have the same idea as him.

Harvey Dent
Harvey Dent

“Well, ‘Dark Knight’ was a small role that I was offered.”

Damon was offered the role of Harvey Dent, the District Attorney that eventually turns into Two-Face, the iconic Batman villain. Although, that thought did not occur to the actor at that very moment. He thought of it to be a rather small part, one which he could not take on at that moment. Ultimately, he did regret skipping on the part.

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Matt Damon Had Other Priorities During The Dark Knight

When Matt Damon first gave up the opportunity to play the Batman villain, he did not realize the potential that the character had and how much significance Harvey Dent really held in the story.

Matt Damon is one of Hollywood's most loved actors of all time
Matt Damon

“There was some other big movie, some big part that I was doing where I was like, ‘Well, I can’t play Harvey Dent, this is a relatively small role, but I am headlining this other thing.’ But you gotta be sanguine about it and go, ‘It all works out.'”

He claimed that he had been doing some other film at that time as well, one which had a much bigger role than what Christopher Nolan had been offering him. The actor later got together with Nolan for Interstellar, where he had a small role as well. His latest collaboration with the director was in Cillian Murphy’s Oppenheimer.

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