Before Embarrassing Wife Jada Smith on Oscars Stage, Will Smith Nearly Destroyed Son Jaden’s Career Before it Even Began

Before Embarrassing Wife Jada Smith on Oscars Stage, Will Smith Nearly Destroyed Son Jaden's Career Before it Even Began

Will Smith and his son Jaden Smith share a relationship filled with love, support, and mentorship. As a devoted father, Will Smith tenderly cultivated his son’s talents from a young age, guiding him through the intricacies of the entertainment industry. This steadfast bond finds expression in collaborative projects, public appearances, and touching displays of affection.

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Will Smith
Will Smith and Jaden Smith

Recently, Jaden Smith celebrated his 25th birthday in the company of his cherished family, which includes his father, Will Smith, mother, Jada Pinkett-Smith, and sister Willow. However, it is worth reflecting on a tumultuous period from a decade ago when the actor and musician experienced feelings of being “betrayed” by his globally acclaimed father, leading him to seek emancipation as a minor at the tender age of 15.


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Will Smith Felt His Leadership Hurt His Son 

In the ill-fated 2013 film After Earth, the father-son duo shared the screen. However, in his self-titled memoir published in 2022, Will Smith disclosed a poignant revelation. Jaden Smith, felt “betrayed,” grappled with his father’s guidance, as the teen faced harsh criticism after being “coached” by his dad for the role.

Jaden Smith with his father Will Smith
Jaden Smith with his father Will Smith

The film After Earth proved to be a disastrous failure, both commercially and critically, regrettably, Jaden Smith bore the brunt of the negative reception, enduring harsh criticism from fans and the media. Will Smith expressed deep distress over the hurtful remarks directed at his son, as Jaden Smith had followed his guidance and coaching with unwavering dedication.

“We never discussed it, but I know he felt betrayed. He felt misled, and he lost his trust in my leadership. At fifteen years old, when Jaden asked about being an emancipated minor, my heart shattered. He ultimately decided against it, but it sucks to feel like you’ve hurt your kids,” Will Smith wrote.

Will Smith has the joy of parenting three children: Jaden Smith, his 22-year-old daughter Willow Smith, and Trey Smith, now 31, whom he welcomed during his initial marriage with Sheree Zampino.


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Will Smith Shed Light On Jaden Smith’s Emancipation

The tale of Jaden Smith’s desire for emancipation was a story Will Smith had shared with fans long ago, but it wasn’t until his autobiography that he disclosed the intimate details. A decade has passed since then, and their bond has only grown stronger. In the wake of Will’s infamous incident at the 2022 Oscars, where he slapped host Chris Rock, Jaden Smith stood steadfastly by his father’s side.

Siblings Jaden and Willow Smith
Celebrity Siblings Jaden and Willow Smith.

Jaden Smith shares a close bond with his sister, Willow Smith, as demonstrated when they attended the Louis Vuitton Menswear Spring/Summer 2024 show in June. The event marked Pharrell Williams’ debut as the new men’s creative director for the esteemed fashion house. 

In April 2023, Willow Smith and Jaden Smith made a memorable joint appearance at the Coachella Music Festival. It was a significant moment as Willow Smith made her debut while her brother took the stage as a surprise guest.


After Earth is available for streaming on Netflix.

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