Before James Gunn Scrapped it, The Suicide Squad Producer Claimed Justice League 2 Was Possible With Henry Cavill’s Return as Superman

Before James Gunn Scrapped it, The Suicide Squad Producer Claimed Justice League 2 Was Possible With Henry Cavill's Return as Superman
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DC’s Justice League went from being the most anticipated film in the franchise to receiving lukewarm reviews from audiences and critics. The film faced a crisis with Joss Whedon taking over midway from original creator Zack Snyder due to issues in Snyder’s personal life. Justice League was also affected by controversies involving the cast members like Ben Affleck and Gal Gadot who did not see eye to eye with Whedon’s method of operation. Snyder ultimately returned and made up for the disappointment by re-releasing the film with his original vision which was a huge hit with fans.

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Despite the success of Justice League: The Zack Snyder Cut, no sequel to the film has been announced to date. But producer Charles Roven thought otherwise in 2021. The veteran bankroller who also produced Suicide Squad had stated 2 years ago that the possibility of a Justice League sequel was very real provided 2 famous DC superheroes were involved.

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Charles Roven Hoped For Justice League 2 With Batman and Superman

Charles Roven who produced many DC films including Justice League and Suicide Squad, stated in 2021 that he believed in both films enough to take their narratives further through sequels which he would love to back financially. Talking of the possibility, Roven said,

“If it was a Batman-involved product like Batman v Superman or Justice League, I would be involved in those.I would definitely be a part of that. Probably another Justice League, although I think that’s a number of years away.”

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Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill in Justice League

Roven added that the James Gunn directorial Suicide Squad too warranted a progression despite the first film not faring well at the box office. While Roven’s prediction for a Justice League sequel is yet to happen, The Suicide Squad which was released as a stand-alone sequel to the earlier film also did not set the screens on fire.

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Why Did Zack Snyder Move Away From A Justice League Sequel?

After Warner Brothers greenlit Zack Snyder’s version of the Justice League, DC fans were ecstatic with the 4-hour cut that showcased Snyder’s vision perfectly. With over a million tweets calling for the production house to allow the director to finish his DC Extended Universe plan, fans hoped that Snyder’s plan for a Justice League trilogy similar to Marvel’s Avengers films would finally materialize. But this remained a pipe dream as far as the Man of Steel director’s association with DC was concerned. Detailing the reasons behind moving away from the franchise, Snyder said,

“Warner Bros. has been aggressively anti-Snyder if you will. What can I say? Clearly, they’re not interested in my take. But I would also say that they certainly weren’t interested in — I would have said originally — in my take on Justice League. They certainly made decisions about that.”

Justice League
Director Zack Snyder with the cast of Justice League

With Zack Snyder’s future involvement with DC looking bleak, it remains to be seen if current DC Head James Gunn looks into other avenues to continue the Justice League narrative or if he would extend an olive branch to Snyder to return to the DC fold.

Justice League: The Zack Snyder Cut is streaming on HBO Max


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