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Before Making $55M Fortune, The Dark Knight Rises Star Tom Hardy Was An “Obnoxious, trouble-making lunatic” Who Kept Getting Arrested

Before Making $55M Fortune, The Dark Knight Rises Star Tom Hardy Was An "Obnoxious, trouble-making lunatic" Who Kept Getting Arrested

Tom Hardy is known as one of the most talented actors Hollywood has ever produced. From playing obnoxious roles to mind-bending transformations, he is one of the most revered actors of the action-crime-thriller genre. But Tom Hardy, who has accumulated a fortune of $55M now, had a very troubled life.

Tom Hardy had a very troubled past
Tom Hardy had a very troubled past

From drug abuse to jail time, the Dark Knight Rises star has experienced it all. It is hard to imagine Tom Hardy lying in the middle of nowhere, covered in blood and vomit in real life. But this is how life was for the young Hardy before he reached the pinnacle of his career.

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Tom Hardy Was An Obnoxious, Trouble Making Teen

Tom Hardy was a trouble teenager, prisoned numerous times
Tom Hardy was a trouble teenager, prisoned numerous times

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Tom Hardy is known for his epic portrayal of Britain’s most dangerous criminal Charles Bronson, and the vile Kray twins, among others. But little does the world know the British actor has had more than a few run-ins with the law himself. His past behavior has had him go through extreme troubles to obtain a visa to work in the United States. Each time he lands a project in the USA, the Dark Knight star needs to visit the US Embassy in London. Thanks to extreme drug abuse, excessive drinking, illegal arms possession, and numerous other charges, Hardy has spent several nights in prison. As he puts it,

“I was an obnoxious, trouble-making lunatic. Not comfortable in my own skin and displacing that into the world. A complete twat. A knobhead.”

Describing acting as his salvation, Hardy is not shy to talk about his past self. Regretting his past behavior, he is more than thankful for the moment of clarity that pushed him to cease to be the person he was.

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Prison Time Wasn’t The Only Thing Tom Hardy Had To Deal With

Hardy did not get along with his Mad Max co-star Charlize Theron
Hardy did not get along with his Mad Max co-star Charlize Theron

Back when he was just 13, Hardy, unfortunately, found himself addicted to crack and other substances. His addiction became even worse after the success of his movie Star Trek: Nemesis. Spiraling out of control, there were more than a few times when he found himself in unknown places, injured, and high on drugs. As his first marriage ended in an inevitable divorce due to his addiction, he finally went to rehab, with his parents’ help.

Thanks to his mess of a life, Hardy fared even worse romantically. Describing himself as a struggle to deal with, he recalls how he was a serial boyfriend, requiring attention at all times. Even his movie sets haven’t been free from controversies, given his rocky relationship with his co-stars Shia LaBeouf and Charlize Theron.

Now on the road to recovery, he is a regular at counseling, therapy, and almost anything that would help him become the right man.

We sincerely applaud Tom Hardy for becoming the person he is now and overcoming all that he has.

You can stream Tom Hardy’s The Dark Knight Rises on HBO Max.

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