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Before One Piece Luffy Gear 5, Dragon Ball Super Broke the Internet – DBS Season 2 Update Convinces Fans it Will Happen Again

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Before One Piece Luffy Gear 5, Dragon Ball Super Broke the Internet – DBS Season 2 Update Convinces Fans it Will Happen Again

Dragon Ball Super has been one of the best anime series from creator Akira Toriyama throughout the course of five sagas. It is an anime TV series based on the same-named manga series. It is a prequel to the original Dragon Ball manga, which debuted in 1984. The manga series premiered on June 20, 2015, and was written by Akira Toriyama and illustrated by Toyotarou. Since the series’ conclusion in 2018, fans have been waiting for the announcement of Dragon Ball Super season 2.
And now, the Dragon Ball Fans have finally got some good news.

Dragon Ball Super
Dragon Ball Super

According to High on Cinema, the famous Dragon Ball leakers @DBSChronicles, @DBSHype, and @SLOplays stated that the tale of the Z fighters after the Universe Survival Saga will continue in Dragon Ball Super Season 2. The tweet captioned: “DRAGON BALL SUPER ANIME IS FINALLY COMING BACK IM GONNA F*****G CRY BRO THANK YOU JESUS”

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Dragon Ball Super Season 2 Already in Production

According to the leaks, the anime was already in production and will premiere in 2023. It was also announced that Akira Toriyama, the originator, is involved with the 2023 project. A tweet from @SupaChronicles confirmed the news.

Season 2 of the anime is expected to follow the manga arc titled Galactic Patrol Prisoner Saga. This arc is set a few years before the events of the Broly film and introduces a new enemy to the series.

This arc of the manga pits Goku and Vegeta against Moro, a powerful magician who seeks to consume worlds in order to grow stronger. Moro is the most dangerous threat they will face since Frieza because of his terrifying capacity to steal the life essence from the planets. Moro is a powerful and dangerous wizard who breaks out of the Galactic Patrol’s prison after Grand Supreme Kai’s seal over his magic gets broken.

Dragon Ball Super, Goku's new Ultra Instinct transformation
Dragon Ball Super, Goku’s new Ultra Instinct transformation

Fans may also notice Goku is entrusted with supporting Jaco in his capture of Moro, which compels him to go toe-to-toe with the wizard, putting his Ultra Instinct to the test. The next arc, Granolah the Survivor Saga puts Saiyans against a ruthless bounty hunter out for vengeance. These two sagas encompass the entire manga up until the most recent chapters.

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Expected Release Date of Dragon Ball Season 2

The official announcement of Dragon Ball Super’s return is expected around November 2023, which would be Dragon Ball’s anniversary. Toei Animation released Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero in 2022, but there was no confirmation of additional episodes following the film.

Dragon Ball Super chapter 85 unlocks Goku's new powers
Dragon Ball Super

However, there’s a chance that Toei Animation is waiting for One Punch Man season 3 to finish before making an announcement, which means a second potential announcement window may be in Q2 2024.

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Written by Tarun Kohli