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9 Behind-The-Scenes Facts About Logan – The Greatest X-Men Movie of All Time!

The Greatest X-Men movie ever made and one of the best superhero movies of all time, Logan signified the final rodeo of Hugh Jackman playing the iconic character. Here are some secrets about Logan Marvel would rather not let the fans know.

Jerry Seinfeld Convinced Hugh Jackman to Retire

logan seinfeld

Why did Jackman suddenly decide it was time for him to let go of the mantle of the Wolverine? The decision was abrupt and uncalled for? Nobody had anticipated such a move. Turns out the reason Jackman decided to quit was because he had a talk with Jerry Seinfeld, the popular comedian who ended his sitcom series of the same name (one of the greatest comedies ever made), after its final ninth season. Jackman was already considering leaving the role after his bouts with Skin Cancer and his increasing age. But after he had a heart to heart with Seinfeld, he realized that he needs to quit while he is ahead before the audience gets bored of seeing him as Wolverine.

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Millie Bobby Brown Almost PLAYED X-23

logan millie

Dafne Keen was not the first choice for playing X-23. That honor went to Millie Bobby Brown, the actor who plays Eleven in the Netflix Original Stranger Things. Millie Bobby Brown had multiple auditions for the role that she passed with flying colors. She even had a screen testing along with Hugh Jackman. Mangold later decided to give Keen the part because he wanted a young kid to play the character instead of a teenager who could be sexualized to satiate audiences.

Liev Schreiber Was Slated to Return as Sabretooth

logan liev


Liev Schreiber portrayed Sabretooth, Wolverine’s half-brother in the critically panned X-Men Origins: Wolverine movie. The movie had many flaws but Schreiber’s Sabretooth was not among them. He actually did a splendid job as the mutant super villain. With it being the last Wolverine movie and Logan’s legacy coming to an end, it was only natural that Schreiber was offered to play a small role as Sabretooth in Logan. But Schreiber’s earlier commitment to the filing of Ray Donovan created scheduling conflicts and the idea was later dropped.

Why the Movie is Not Titled “Wolverine”

logan title

Earlier drafts of the script for the movie had the title for the project as Wolverine. As more and more revisions came into being, the title was changed. Eventually it became Logan. The title change was more than just a reference to Old Man Logan. James Mangold, Director of Logan, states that the real reason the movie is titled Logan and not Wolverine is because he wanted to tell the story of the man behind the mask and not the superhero vigilante that he has become sick and tired of. It was the story of Logan, not Wolverine and thus the title.

Jackman Has Promised to Come Back for a Deadpool Crossover

logan deadpool

Hugh Jackman stated that Logan was born out of the Studio’s necessity to end the X-men chapter and start a fresh one with new faces. Hugh Jackman was also getting old and he could not keep up to the times. It was time for him to hang his claws. But in another interview, Jackman said that even though his departure from the superhero genre is permanent, he will be more than happy to come back as Wolverine if Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool is allowed to join forces with him for a movie. The Wolverine-Deadpool live action crossover would be a wet dream come true for many fans. And Jackman is just adding fuel to that fire.

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Jackman Forced His Body Into Dehydration Before Each Shirtless Scene

logan shirtless

Jackman is a highly dedicated actor. He is the best in his business. Since billions of people see him as Wolverine, he has to ensure he looks the part and acts like the clawed maniac. In the comic books, Wolverine is shredded AF. So Jackman has to live up to appearances for the sake of his fans. To do so, Jackman would force his body into dehydration for a period of 48 hours. This would help him lose any excess water weight and his body will look as toned as humanly possible when he removed his shirt for any scene. The practice was dangerous and needed a team of trained medical professionals to make sure nothing happened to the lead actor.

Dafne Keen Was Really Crying during Wolverine’s Death

logan dafne keen crying

Dafne Keen was so on point acting as the Wolverine Clone X-23 that many fans started considering her as the successor to Jackman’s Wolverine. Keen and her stunt double Sienna Novikov were the two people that played the part with the latter working as the former’s stunt double in multiple scenes. In the final death scene of Logan when Wolverine is breathing his last, the sight of Hugh Jackman’s bloodied half-dead corpse and his acting chops moved Keen so much that she actually started crying. She was only supposed to fake those tears. In the movie, the tears that X-23 is shedding are Dafne Keen’s actual tears.


Jackman Wanted Logan to Live

Logan Death

Logan’s end scene showed the death of Wolverine. His death signified something deeper. It showed the end of the once popular and all-powerful X-Men franchise. It was a symbolic scene that captured our hearts and minds. Men, women and children cried seeing Logan breath his last. But if things had gone the way Hugh Jackman wanted them to, Logan would have never died in the first place. James Mangold wanted the character to die a hero’s death and become somewhat of a martyr. Jackman implored Mangold to re-consider and let Wolverine live, only to wander off into the sun-set and never be seen again. But in the end, Jackman was convinced by the Director’s point of view and he too agreed that killing Logan off was the best thing to do.

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The Wolverine Reference We All Missed

logan katana

The Wolverine is a highly panned Wolverine story. It was flawed and had a stupendous amount of problems like a weak story line and empty characterizations. One thing it did nail was portraying Wolverine’s connection to Japanese lore. In the movie, Wolverine is gifted a traditional Japanese Samurai sword called a Katana. The Katana is also seen in the smelting plant where Logan and Professor X were hiding from the mutant hunters. That is a reference almost all of us but a few eagle eyed fans missed. This would mean that Logan was not even shy of having connections with Wolverine’s lesser acclaimed adventures in the Far East.

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