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Ben Affleck Addresses Justice League Snyder Cut News

Recent news revealed that the much anticipated Synder Cut of the Justice League movie would release next year on HBO Max. Synder is at present, finishing the visual effects work on the film. The announcement of the release next year saw many DC fans explode with happiness. Moreover, a ton of DCEU stars also expressed their delight at the news. Ben Affleck, who played Batman in the DCEU, is one of them.  

Affleck expresses his delight at the news

Affleck expresses his delight at the news
Ben Affleck

Affleck appeared on Kevin Smith’s show and displayed his happiness at the announcement. The actor has essayed the role of Batman in two DCEU movies. The on-screen character depicted Batman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League. He was appreciative of the fans for love showered and anticipating the fans to get the chance to see it. Moreover, Affleck also shared his love for Zack Synder. He stated that he was delighted at the vision shown by Snyder in his theatrical cut. Affleck, along with other members of the Justice League cast, publicly stated their support for the Synder Cut release in the past.  

Future of Affleck in the DCEU?

Future of Affleck in the DCEU?
Affleck as Batman in a still from the movie

Affleck’s response to the news is broadly promoted because of him not being a future piece of the DCEU. In any case, he won’t wear Batman’s clothing in the coming DCEU motion pictures. Robbert Pattinson will be the Caped Crusader in DCEU films, beginning from the next year’s Batman release.

The role of Batman in the Synder Cut

The role of Batman in the Synder Cut
Affleck’s role as Batman will be unique in the Snyder Cut.

The role of Affleck as Batman in the Justice League’s Synder Cut is considered extremely intriguing. Batman’s role is what made the Synder Cut much different from the theatrical release. Moreover, it placed a unique insight into the superhero’s life. However, this was not seen by the fans in the theatrical version of the Justice League, directed by Joss Wheadon. 

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Furthermore, we will have to wait for it to arrive on streaming service HBO Max and see how it all turns out for Justice League Synder Cut. Meanwhile, Stay tuned for more details.


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