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Ben Affleck Became Harvey Weinstein’s Enemy Number One Before Disgraced Producer’s Downfall, Put Batman Star in His Red Flag List to Find Dirt on Him

Ben Affleck Became Harvey Weinstein’s Enemy Number One Before Disgraced Producer’s Downfall, Put Batman Star in His Red Flag List to Find Dirt on Him

Ben Affleck is loved by all. His acting, producing, and directing have all managed to make fans adore him even more. However, one person does not think so. Harvey Weinstein was not fond of the actor at all. He has since been sentenced to 16 more years in prison after multiple allegations of s*xual assault.

Ben Affleck
Ben Affleck

It was said that the producer made an entire document of the people he was afraid of and Affleck was on this list. Not only that, but he even hired a private investigator to follow up on the names on the list to make sure they weren’t testifying against him. The thousand-page document had various names that Weinstein feared could add to the allegations.

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Harvey Weinstein Was Afraid Of Ben Affleck

According to the documents submitted in court during the trial of Harvey Weinstein, a “red flag list” was also submitted. This included names of all the people that the producer worried could have revealed more to the media and public while being prosecuted for s*xual assault. Ben Affleck‘s name was included in this list. The biggest concern for the producer had been that the people whose names were on the list could go to the media and journalists to expose him massively.

Harvey Weinstein was banned by the Academy
Harvey Weinstein

The list was in a document of over 1000 pages. This list was refused to be shown to the jury. However, it was viewed by the court, and Annabella Sciorra, one of the accusers, was also mentioned in the list. It also included Rose McGowan, Zelda Perkins, Lysette Anthony, and Rowena Chiu. Out of the 70 names, Harvey Weinstein’s former Weinstein Company executive Irwin Reiter was also mentioned. As well as Weinstein’s former assistant, Leslye Headland along with the producers Megan Ellison, Donna Gigliotti, Jason Blum, and Jennifer Todd of Russian Doll.

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Rose McGowan Was Furious At Ben Affleck For Keeping Quiet Against Harvey Weinstein

It is not easy for everyone to stand up and say things no matter how right it may be to do so. The world is not black and white. Ben Affleck fell into that as well. Rose McGowan had personally stood up against him for not speaking up against Harvey Weinstein when he had the power and influence to do so.

Ben Affleck
Ben Affleck

“Think back on what probably happened to you, decide if you have it in you to be a multi-millionaire that helps break a system by just telling the truth. It will set you free and inspire others. Hollywood is a sickness that you can cure. The public can handle the reality. Ben, I know you are a corporate entity, but trust me if you ever do decide to be an irl hero, your stock in being human will go up.”

She has publically gone to call out the actor and has said many things to him that would otherwise be considered harsh. She has called him names and accused him of keeping quiet.

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Source: Variety

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