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Ben Affleck, Kevin Smith – Once Best Friends Turned Mortal Enemies, Celebrate Their Friendship After Years of Hostility

Once Best Friends Turned Mortal Enemies Celebrate Their Friendship After Years of Hostility 1

Friendships are created and broken. Of course, this is true for all the actors as well. And among these stories of friendships and betrayals, is a sweet story between the actor Ben Affleck and director Kevin Smith. The director shared a sweet post on his Instagram account with the actor-director duo, posing for a selfie.

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Kevin Smith and Ben Affleck posing for a photo.
Kevin Smith and Ben Affleck pose for a photo.

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The sweet friendship of Ben Affleck and Kevin Smith

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez.
Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez.

Starting and appearing way back in 1995, Ben Affleck played the antagonist in Kevin Smith’s film Mallrats. Since then, The Accountant actor has appeared in more than half of the films directed by his best friend Kevin Smith. To remember and celebrate this sweet friendship, Kevin Smith took to Instagram to share an adorable photo of the two of them together. The post also announced the return of Ben Affleck in another one of Kevin Smith’s films. See the post here:

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Announcing a role for Ben Affleck in the upcoming Kevin Smith movie Clerks III, the director went on to praise and laud the actor for his humbleness while reveling in his success. The director also revealed how Ben Affleck was connecting to his roots with Kevin Smith. For, it was with Kevin Smith’s films that the career of many successful people took off, including the Batman actor, Ben Affleck.

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When Ben Affleck and Kevin Smith weren’t on talking terms

Ben Affleck in one of his iconic poses.
Ben Affleck in one of his iconic poses.

Every friendship suffers through this phase. And the director-actor duo weren’t different through this phase too. There came a time when the two of them were not really talking with each other. And after the break for what seemed like a long time, the duo returned to their original phase and made the world see their friendship along with the lesson that actors are humans too.

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There has been no confirmation on what role Ben Affleck will play in the new Clerks III movie. The only proven feed is that Ben Affleck will be playing a new and completely different role than what he has played before.

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