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‘They Made Him Replace Keaton’: Ben Affleck Appearing as Batman in Aquaman 2 Has Fans Convinced That He Replaced Michael Keaton to Avoid Confusing the Audience

Batman has seen numerous actors take up the role of the caped crusader since the character’s inception on the big screen. From Michael Keaton to Christian Bale, from Ben Affleck to Robert Pattinson, the vigilante has seen various transitions both emotionally and physically. As per reports, Ben Affleck will be giving a brief glimpse in the upcoming Aquaman 2 but this creates some confusion regarding a Batman scene where the character was played by Michael Keaton!

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Ben Affleck played the role of Batman.
Ben Affleck played the role of Batman.

Batman’s cameo to be changed by Ben Affleck

Michael Keaton as Batman in Batman Returns (1992).
Michael Keaton as Batman in Batman Returns (1992).

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The new and upcoming film in the DC lineup is Jason Momoa’s Aquaman 2. The movie will have a surprise cameo from the current Batman himself, Ben Affleck. But when one considers the timeline of the movie, here’s where it gets confusing.

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 It was reported earlier that Michael Keaton would be giving a surprise cameo as the Batman in Aquaman 2 but since The Flash will release later than the fish-hero movie, it will make no sense for Michael Keaton to be in Aquaman 2. To avoid confusion among the audience, with two different Batman in the timeline, the cameo is given now to Ben Affleck, who is also said to be appearing in The Flash.

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The fan’s reaction to Ben Affleck returning

Batman will have a cameo in The Flash (2023).
Batman will have a cameo in The Flash (2023).

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Fans took to Twitter (of course) to try and navigate through this mess of a timeline. With several actors iterating the same role, it is bound to get confusing.

Although this article was as tough for me as tough for you to understand, the point to remember is that Ben Affleck will be returning as the cape-wearing, scowl-covered, dark superhero to fight crime in the narrow streets and alleys of Gotham (in this case, only a cameo).

Aquaman 2 is slated for a 17th March 2023 release date while The Flash will release on 23rd June 2023 in theaters across the globe.

Source: Twitter