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Ben Affleck Sells LA Bachelor Pad He Lived in After Jennifer Garner Divorce, Jennifer Lopez and Affleck Just Made $30 Million and an Insane $11M Profit

Ben Affleck Sells LA Bachelor Pad He Lived in After Jennifer Garner Divorce

Following his divorce from long-time partner Jennifer Garner, Ben Affleck lived in his LA home. The house was nothing short of a mansion which was soon called the bachelor pad for Ben Affleck. The house was recently put on sale and the actor received an offer he cannot refuse.

The house that was purchased in 2018 made a fortune for Ben Affleck as he earned a whopping 11 million dollars worth of profit on this selling.

The humongous mansion of Ben Affleck.
The humongous mansion of Ben Affleck.

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Ben Affleck Sells Bachelor Pad For 44 Million Dollars!

It was back in 2018 when Ben Affleck spotted this luxurious mansion in the LA neighborhood of Pacific Palisades. The property was bought at an amount of 19 million dollars which the Deep Water actor was happy to pay after a recent divorce with then-partner Jennifer Garner had taken place.

Ana de Armas briefly dated Ben Affleck for a year.
Ana de Armas briefly dated the Gone Girl actor for a year.

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Following their divorce in 2018, Ben Affleck moved into the mansion to live on his own and called it the bachelor pad. When No Time to Die star Ana de Armas was dating him, she was often spotted living with him in this house. Following their breakup, the latter got back together with his long-time ex-fiance Jennifer Lopez.

Three weeks ago, the Gone Girl actor posted the mansion for sale for a price of 30 million dollars. The house features seven bedrooms and several royalties such as a swimming pool, spa, and a movie theater. According to alleged reports, a fan offered him the matching price of 30 million dollars which the actor was glad to accept. The identity of the new owner has been kept anonymous along with the actual figure but if the rumors are true, the actor has made a profit of 11 million dollars from the selling of this mansion.

Ben Affleck Got Married To Jennifer Lopez A Second Time

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez recently recited their wedding vows in Georgia.
Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez recently recited their wedding vows in Georgia.

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It was in the year 2005 that Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner tied the knot in their wedding ceremony. Following a marriage of 14 years, the divorce was finalized in October 2018 after they had 3 children together. Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas were a couple that stayed together for a year before parting their ways until finally, The Accountant actor found his way back to Jennifer Lopez.

They had a week-long wedding ceremony in Georgia following which, the married couple took off on their honeymoon. The reports are now pouring in that the Batman vs. Superman actor will move in with Jennifer Lopez at her home in Bel-Air. The couple had a brief engagement period from 2002 to 2004 before calling it off. They later were married in Las Vegas for which they had an official ceremony later on in Georgia.


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