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Despite Jennifer Lopez Absolutely Hating Ben Affleck’s Smoking Addiction, Ben Affleck Was Spotted Smoking While Visiting JLo’s $28 Million Residence

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck

Just a couple of months back in July, Jennifer Lopez tied the knot with Ben Affleck in Las Vegas after they got back together. And as a newly wedded couple, they were yet again on the market, house hunting to live their married lives happily together.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez recently recited their wedding vows in Georgia.
Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez tied the knot in Las Vegas.

Although there might be a particular problem that has arisen just after two months of the couple being married.

Recently taking a tour of JLo’s $28 Million Mansion in Bel-Air, where the couple reportedly is moving together, the Batman Vs Superman And Justice League actor was spotted smoking, something that Lopez “absolutely hates” according to sources.

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Jennifer Lopez Hates Ben Affleck’s Smoking

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck spotted at the premiere of Marry Me (2022).
Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck were spotted at the premiere of Marry Me (2022).

It was previously reported that JLo “absolutely hates Ben’s cigarettes” and “constantly nags Ben to quit smoking despite him promising to leave it” All this constant badger from Lopez has made Ben Affleck more pressured, thus pushing him to smoke more than ever as per sources.

Jenifer Lopez And Ben Affleck
Jennifer Lopez says that she “hates Ben’s smoking”

Jennifer Lopez also is quite annoyed with how “messy” Ben Affleck’s lifestyle is. The thing to remember is that Affleck sufferers from chronic migraine and are susceptible to severe headaches pretty often.

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Jennifer Lopez Is Irritated By Ben Affleck’s Messy Lifestyle

Ben Affleck
Ben Affleck is supposedly “Messy” according to JLo

The sources have also hinted to the point that JLo remains very angry seeing Ben Affleck’s “messy” lifestyle. They have pointed out how it drives her against a wall as supposedly “Affleck doesn’t clean up after himself”

The sources also report that the singer had also sold Affleck’s highly valuable motorcycle collection without his knowledge, which has led the two into arguments and fights in the short while that they have been married.

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The Wedding Was Impeccable!

Jennifer Lopez was praised by people for her impeccable taste

Jennifer Lopez got married to Ben Affleck in July this year after making their relationship official in August of 2021 through JLo’s official Instagram handle. And then decided to get married in Las Vegas. Then, they held another lavish wedding in Affleck’s Georgia residence with their family and friends.

The wedding cost was reported to be around $400K and was said to be “breathtaking” according to Kevin Smith, who also praised Jennifer Lopez for her impeccable taste.

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Source: Geo News

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