“If you ever go out with that man, I will divorce you”: Ben Stiller’s Wife Considered a Percy Jackson Star a Deadly Threat to Their Marriage

Ben Stiller's wife once gave him an ultimatum over their marriage because of his proximity with Steve Coogan

"If you ever go out with that man, I will divorce you": Ben Stiller's Wife Considered a Percy Jackson Star a Deadly Threat to Their Marriage


  • Ben Stiller worked with Steve Coogan on the Night at the Museum movies.
  • Stiller's wife, Christine Taylor, was worried Coogan would be a bad influence on their marriage.
  • Coogan was publicly blamed for friend Owen Wilson's suicide attempt as they both battled drug addiction
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Ben Stiller and his wife, Christine Taylor, are both popular figures in Hollywood and nothing short of a power couple. Stiller and Taylor have had illustrious acting careers and a long-standing marriage that sets the right example for several couples. However, their marriage was once threatened by actor-comedian Steve Coogan.

Ben Stiller
Ben Stiller

Steve Coogan is known for his comedic timing on screen and has been a frequent collaborator of Ben Stiller. As a result, Coogan and Stiller ran in the same circles. But some of the former’s habits did not sit well with Stiller’s wife, Christine Taylor. As a result, Taylor threatened to end their marriage if Stiller hung out with Coogan. Here is everything you need to know about Coogan’s effect on Stiller’s marriage.

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Christine Taylor Was Worried Steve Coogan Would Ruin Her Marriage to Ben Stiller

Actor-comedian Steve Coogan made a name for himself by creating the hilariously socially inept character Alan Partridge. However, Coogan rose to greater fame after his move to the US. In the 2000s, he starred in several commercial comedy movies, including Night at the Museum and Tropic Thunder, which also featured Ben Stiller.

Steve Coogan in Night at the Museum
Steve Coogan in Night at the Museum

Meanwhile, Coogan had gained a reputation for being a party animal. Coogan was often in the headlines because of his drug abuse issues. Coogan’s drug usage had been an open secret in Hollywood before the actor himself admitted to being an addict in his 2015 book, Easily Distracted.

Stiller was in Britain on a promotional tour for his 2004 film Starsky & Hutch, directed by Todd Phillips and co-starring Owen Wilson, a longtime friend of Coogan. Given Coogan’s affinity for drugs and party animal nature, it was reported that Stiller’s wife, Christine Taylor, abstained him from hanging out with Coogan.


“If you ever go out with that man (Coogan) again I will divorce you.”

According to sources, Taylor reportedly gave Stiller the above ultimatum while the latter was on the promotional tour. Stiller went on to collaborate with Coogan on four projects over the years. However, it seems Stiller adhered to his wife’s wishes and stayed away from Coogan off-screen as he and Taylor have remained married for nearly twenty-three years.

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Steve Coogan Was Publically Blamed for Owen Wilson’s Suicide Attempt

Owen Wilson in Night at the Museum
Owen Wilson in Night at the Museum

Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson worked together on the Night at the Museum movies along with Steve Coogan. Wilson and Coogan’s friendship was well reported by tabloids as they were frequently spotted partying together. However, Coogan, known for playing Hades in Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief, was publically blamed when Wilson attempted to take his own life in August 2007.


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Wilson was going through a breakup with actress Kate Hudson, allegedly resulting in his suicide attempt. However, Wilson’s drug addiction, fueled by his friendship with Coogan, was speculated to be one of the reasons behind Wilson’s downfall. However, Wilson has since overcome his drug addiction and regained his prominence in Hollywood. Coogan has also stated that he is recovering from his addiction issues.

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